Maria de la Paz Zarazaga

Credit Controller, Area Americas Credit Control Team, Wärtsilä Finance & Control

Buenos Aires, Argentina

10 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Argentina


Constant learning for deeper customer understanding

Maria de la Paz Zarazaga started her career in Wärtsilä in 2009 as an Administrative Assistant, and during the past ten years, her career has brought Maria to her current role as a Credit Controller.

When her role in the Finance and Control team developed from local to a regional responsibility, it was an important step for Maria. “In the regional role, I meet people from different countries and cultures. I appreciate the cultural diversity in Wärtsilä and that influences also positively the working atmosphere in my local network,” Maria states and continues talking about the importance of good team spirit, “Wärtsilä has not only given me incredible co-workers but also friends. I appreciate that my work team consists of people from different countries. This allows me to learn every day something new about their culture and different ways of doing things.”

“I think one of the strengths I have is that I like challenges and constant learning. Those are crucial skills as I get involved in the different problem-solving processes that may affect our customers,” Maria says when asked about her strengths regarding her daily work. In the everyday work of a controller, it is important to have these characteristics in order to learn all the time. “The continuous change forces us to react fast and accompany to the developing world. This is both a huge challenge but also keeps me highly motivated and suits me well as I have a quite vibrant personality,” she opens up the impact of the characteristics she has.

As said, future is changing fast and as Maria feels, the changes are for good, “Turning Wärtsilä’s vision to execution, i.e. towards a future where renewable energy provides sustainable societies, is fascinating and I can see that happening in the near future. This will transform Wärtsilä into a major technology company that provides solutions to the world – and I’m excited to be part of that crew of change!”

Few years ago, as Maria visited a client in the middle of the Amazon, she already got first-hand experience on this influence that Wärtsilä has in the society. “The town fed only on the operation of our energy solutions and thanks to that the villagers had drinking water. When I understood the responsibility that Wärtsilä has in that community, I felt great pride of belonging to the company.”

According to Maria, the 185 years of the company’s success is based on good portfolio of solutions, but also the ability to keep up the change. “For instance, there has been a great leap in communication which has bridged various external stakeholders and our employees more tightly together. I personally think that digitalisation has been a breakthrough factor and Wärtsilä has always looked for strategic allies, made acquisitions and continued growth on that path,“ she says.

Maria spends her free time with friends and mainly with the family. “My family is my daily engine and pushes me to grow day by day and to be a better person,” she tells about her ways to relax and balance working life with her personal life.

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