Mari-Ella Juhola

General Manager, Project Management, Wärtsilä Information Management

Turku, Finland

17 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Working on projects with a Dream Team

Wärtsilä collaborates with many universities around the world, and one such collaboration offered Mari-Ella Juhola a great career opportunity in Finland. Mari-Ella started her career at Wärtsilä as a Program Coordinator while still being partly a student. Now, 17 years later, she is working as a General Manager for Project Management in Wärtsilä’s Information Management organisation, where she started four years ago. “I really love my job and I think my team is a real dream team: all are truly committed to reaching the set targets and they’re so fun to work with,” she says praising her co-workers.

Project work is really exciting, but while this sort of ‘excitement’ can be sometimes stressful for some, it’s something that Mari-Ella thrives on. “ I enjoy that the workdays are all different. In project work you learn new all the time.” One thing that Mari-Ella is especially happy about is the agile transformation in Wärtsilä projects. With agile methods we can better respond to customer needs and in addition deliver solutions even quicker. Mari-Ella considers herself as an ambassador of agile methods and she for example runs the Wärtsilä Agile Network with 100+ members interested in sharing agile experiences and best practices.  


Watch Mari-Ella’s interview to get to know more about her daily work and exciting hobbies.

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