Marcelo Casanova

Mechanical Service Technician, Wärtsilä Services Unit Latin America South

Buenos Aires, Argentina

8 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Argentina


Both sides of field service

It was April 2011, when Marcelo Casanova joined Wärtsilä. The company had attracted him due to the fame and prestige Marcelo saw Wärtsilä enjoying worldwide. “I also felt that Wärtsilä has been focusing lot on the customers and the quality of its equipment, which was another important driver for me to join,” Marcelo adds.

Currently, as a Mechanical Service Technician, Marcelo gets to do service work and maintain Wärtsilä engines at power plants and onboard ships. When talking about career opportunities, Marcelo finds his own career journey as an exciting and interesting one. “What I enjoy most is working in challenging environments – not only from a technical point of view, but also for me as a person. Working both at power plants and on-board vessels, brings a lot of variety since the environments, activities and people differ a lot,” Marcelo says and continues with the learnings he has had: “In the field service, we have a lot of tough situations to solve on a daily basis. Still, one learning is certain and I want to share that with you; every single challenge that I’ve witnessed has been solved as a team, and the experience of all the members has helped solving it.”

So, Marcelo gets to celebrate a lot of successes in the field but sometimes work doesn’t progress as smooth as originally planned. “We have a lot of successes but also failures may happen, and one should be able to learn from both. For failures, I can say that the best solution – and my personal way to avoid them – is to ask more and never stop investigating and learning,” Marcelo advices.

In these tougher situations, it is the motivation for field service job that gets Marcelo moving forward. “I think it’s my strength that I love doing this job – no matter if I face adversity, I always stay motivated.” It’s also thanks to the people who have developed their skills side-by-side with Marcelo and helped him move forward with any issues he has had. “The role that describes me the best is the role of a ‘team member’,” Marcelo adds.

What are then the sunniest workdays like in Marcelo’s job? “The most memorable day during my career so far took place in 2013 when I saw – and got to work on – a two-stroke engine, the Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96 Flex. For an engine enthusiast like myself, these sort of days matter. It was an exciting moment when I got to jump inside the cylinder liner,” Marcelo recalls.

Marcelo anticipates that in the future Wärtsilä will continue its evolutionary road – something that is possible only thanks to the huge role innovation keeps playing in the company. Marcelo plans to continue his personal development alongside Wärtsilä, as the company keeps growing both internationally and in his home base, Argentina. And when not at work, Marcelo has another kind of ‘field job’ he gets to enjoy: playing and spending time with his family.

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