Lüba Kin

Proposal Engineer, Sales Support, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Hamburg, Germany

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Russia


The hero finding solutions to link the customers and Wärtsilä

Lüba Kin, a Proposal Engineer, has worked in Wärtsilä only for months, but she can already notice the excitement in the company. “For me, Wärtsilä appears like a big intercultural family with a lot of different experts working together for a better future. That's what motivates me to do my best.” She applied to Wärtsilä to find more challenges and self-development opportunities after years of experience in a small company, and proudly agrees that Wärtsilä has exceeded her expectations.

Despite a little cultural shock, in terms of both the Finnish culture and the size of the company, Lüba recognised the warm atmosphere and the warm welcome from the very first days at the newcomer training after six weeks on the job. The training took place in Vaasa, Finland, where she got to know her future colleagues with whom she would continue working with, from Wärtsilä’s Hamburg office. “I haven’t worked long for Wärtsilä, but I can already say that the most impressive thing is how Wärtsilians work closely together across the world and give their best in supporting each other.”

Thanks to her previous sales experience in Germany, Lüba is experienced with local customers and supports her team as a link between German customers and Wärtsilä’s non-German speaking colleagues to increase the understanding and satisfaction between both parties. Her work is about carefully interpreting customer needs and then finding the best-matching solution together with the team.

She feels that Wärtsilä atmosphere and environment might have changed her for good. “It has been only four months, but I’ve become more communicative, open, and self-confident due to all my colleagues who have integrated me into their teams, as if I had been here for many years.

Besides the team, Lüba appreciates Wärtsilä’s commitment to the environment. “This is a company that knows how important it is to take care of our environment. Our company always keeps the community in mind and strives its best by developing as fast as the requirements change,” she smiles. In the future, Lüba wishes Wärtsilä to be a main player to create 100% renewable energy in her country.

With an aim this clear, and with her talents, Lüba believes she can surely help Wärtsilä to get closer to it.

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