Lica Rizawaty

Senior Officer, Human Resources, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Indonesia


‘Bring it on’

During her 1.5 years at Wärtsilä, Lica Rizawaty has already learnt some fundamentals about the company. One of them being that change is always part of the equation. “I enjoy being a Wärtsilian and love the people we have here. During my time, I’ve already seen a lot of change. However, I’ve been enjoying that part of our culture and it has proven how flexible Wärtsilä and our people are when we face changes.”

Lica’s genuine interest towards people, her caring nature and willingness to help probably explain why she is working as a Senior Officer at Human Resources. Most likely it is also due to these attributes why her colleagues nominated Lica as the local SAP key user. At first, Lica felt a bit uncertain in front of this new unfamiliar opportunity. However, she stepped out from the comfort zone and showed that with the right attitude one can do anything. “Since the SAP training, I’ve received a lot of credit for improving my achievements from quarter to quarter!”

And this is what the Wärtsilä culture is all about; one is encouraged to step out from the comfort zone – knowing that there is a safety net of colleagues bouncing you back up on your feet in case you fail. “In that sense, we Wärtsilians are like survivors,” Lica describes.

Even if Lica’s journey with Wärtsilä might still be at an early stage, she has already taken a lot of effort to develop the company. One of her achievements has been implementing new assessment tools to make the hiring process in Wärtsilä Indonesia more reliable and measurable – and it seems to be working; Lica has found quite many excellent newcomers to Wärtsilä. “During the second half of 2018, I hired more than 100 new employees,” she tells.

Finally, how does Lica see the future of Wärtsilä? “The power industry looks very bright. Especially, Wärtsilä’s commitment to renewable energy makes me confident with our future. It makes me proud to be a Wärtsilian, and I know our brand will get more recognised for our renewable energy solutions in the next years to come,” Lica concludes.

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