Leena Tammilehto

General Manager, Global Customs

Vaasa, Finland

13 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland



Under constant change, change for good 

Currently, Leena Tammilehto is responsible for the Customs Compliance in Wärtsilä Marine Business globally. Her first position in Wärtsilä was at Wärtsilä Shared Service Centre accounts payable team. After that, she changed to import and customs related matters and has been on that road ever since in different organisations.

“I have varying tasks and projects and I really do not have two similar days. This makes my work very interesting. I'm involved in supporting all service networks within Wärtsilä Marine Business with their customs related issues. Currently, I am exploring the opportunities to utilise the latest technology to improve Wärtsilä's response accuracy and speed when it comes to the rapidly changing situations in today's trade landscape.”

In her work, Leena enjoys the variety of challenges and the possibilities for both self-development as well as training and developing her colleagues and networks. “I have invested a lot of effort in developing the area of customs and trade compliance, and I feel that I have successfully been able to widen the awareness about these very important matters.”

Leena feels that Wärtsilä is under constant change, change for good, and the company is doing well keeping up with the latest technological advances.

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