Khushnoda Kosar (Kiran)

Manager, Human Resources, Wärtsilä United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

11 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Pakistan


Connecting people from all around the world

Khushnoda Kosar (mostly known as Kiran), Human Resources Manager based in Dubai got interested in Wärtsilä when she heard about all the possibilities the company offered. Wärtsilä seemed like a great place to dive into a new industry and further develop her expertise. “I wanted to continue my professional journey into a new industry that was not familiar to me before, and therefore Wärtsilä seemed an obvious next step for me,” Kiran opens up the beginning of her career in the company.

Looking back she thinks the choice was good, as there have been many memorable days and excitement since she joined the company 11 years ago. “For instance, being selected to the Growth Lab in 2017 was a memorable moment for me,” Kiran tells. That was a great achievement indeed, as Wärtsilä’s internal Growth Lab is a study programme with the aim to develop a pool of high performing employees into leaders capable of driving Wärtsilä's growth in the global organisation.

During Kiran’s years at the company, it has become even more certain that she connects with Wärtsilä’s values very closely – they motivate Kiran in her daily work as she sees them being proactively cherished and coming alive in the everyday culture. “Wärtsilä is unique in its culture and values, with the way of working and respect we have towards each other. These aspects create openness and engagement. Each day, I feel I am responsible for the people here and I want to contribute proactively to the culture and for the people’s well-being. Not wanting to sound cheesy but I truly do enjoy every aspect of my job, “ Kiran further describes her motivators.

The openness Kiran mentioned, is a really important value to her and can be seen as a strong personal characteristic that has brought her far. “I consider myself as an optimistic, curious and caring person. These strengths have guided me in many ways. For instance, my optimism helps me to deal with challenging situations as I believe that no challenge is a challenge forever – every single problem has a solution. On one hand, curiosity gets me learning whereas on the other hand emotional intelligence helps me to understand others and build relationships, at all levels,” she says.

All these personal traits are for sure handy and needed when working in HR. As an example, when Kiran started her Wärtsilä career in Pakistan, the energy sector was growing fast in the local market and there was a need to find suitable new people and develop the competences of current employees for the upcoming projects; i.e. make the people ready to operate power plants owned by the independent power producers. “In any given situation, the most economical way was to invest in fresh talents and develop local competence for long-term solutions. It was a joint mission between our HR and Energy Business experts to train and develop local competence to operate our customers’ businesses,” she sums up.

Kiran says that the change in Wärtsilä has happened within the people; “People are at the heart of Wärtsilä! Irrespective to any level, Wärtsilä provides tremendous learning and development opportunities to our people. Over the years, I have seen people starting on entry-level and ending up working in senior positions. Preparing our people to these managerial journeys and ensuring they understand our global people processes, has been an important part of my work. I have also learned tremendously from these colleagues and I find it crucial that we at HR understand our business.”

According to Kiran, also Wärtsilä’s future will be all about people – and innovation. “No company can sustain over 185 years without innovation. It is part of our DNA. Historically, we have celebrated many breakthroughs as a company. Innovation is playing a major role in our offerings and lifecycle solutions to meet our customer needs in both marine and energy markets. To stay ahead, Wärtsilä recognises how we can capitalise on our data and combine it with technological solutions to help our prospects and existing customers to enjoy more energy efficient solutions. All this will lay down a positive future for Wärtsilä,” Kiran envisions.

Her optimism and future-oriented way of looking at this world are inspirational. “I consider myself a person who never gives up quickly. Every morning, I pack my energy with all positiveness and remind myself there will be things that I cannot control, but everything I can do – I do. A part of this energy comes from my free time, that I spend with my family and friends, and part from work where my colleagues make days so exciting,” she concludes.

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