Kalle Reunanen

Market Intelligence Manager, Product Management, Wärtsilä Asset Management Services

Helsinki, Finland

4 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland



Solving problems with a passion

From a summer trainee to a market intelligence manager, Kalle Reunanen has, quite figuratively, grown up with Wärtsilä. Kalle realised very early on that working in the marine and the energy sectors was his true calling. When faced with real challenges, his problem-solving skills coupled with new learnings and technology have helped him move onwards and upwards.

Kalle started his journey in Wärtsilä in 2007, at the age of 16, at the Land and Sea Academy training centre in Turku, Finland. Back then, his main job was maintaining the training simulators and assisting with training courses. Throughout this period, Kalle held many different trainee positions, including service sales and field services, before finishing his master’s thesis, which, coincidentally, was also on Wärtsilä, and completing his degree.

Today, Kalle’s work includes supporting product managers and the product marketing team by providing them with up-to-date information about markets, customers and competitors. “I create analysis to support our offering development and help my colleagues to target our marketing activities better,” explains Kalle, adding that he also supports the sales teams with market-specific information.

His role, he says, is all about using the data efficiently by asking the right questions. “Today we have so much data available in different formats and locations, that we probably do not even know what all is possible,” he says. “The trick is to make the best of it.”

Kalle enjoys being surrounded by the best in industry talent at Wärtsilä and picking up new knowledge and experiences. And while every day is an exciting challenge, he considers attending a recent training programme organised by the Asset Management Services management team as the most memorable. There, the trainees got to attend a two-day management team meeting which gave Kalle insight into the different ways in which the company works.

Exploring new solutions

As Kalle finds his bearings within the organisation, his work often puts his problem-solving skills to the test. “I am good at that,” he quips but also admits that his position is fairly new and often when there is a problem at hand, there isn’t much to start with. “I need to figure out tools, data and resources to find the best possible solution,” he explains.

Being one of the first people with his job profile gives Kalle an edge. But it also places upon him the added responsibility of defining what market intelligence really means with regards to product management. “It’s all work in progress, but the change has been significant,” he says and explains that with better utilisation of data, he and his colleagues are now able to make more informed decisions – and the work continues.

Considering the dynamic nature of his role, Kalle is often required to pick up new tools and techniques on the fly. Case in point was the new set of data that he managed to get his hands on recently. This data eventually helped him greatly in enhancing the efficiency of sales and services. “Providing meaningful analysis based on fresh knowledge is both deeply satisfying and rewarding,” he says.

Kalle believes that innovation and development have been crucial in making Wärtsilä the company that it is today. “Our and our customers’ markets are changing rapidly,” he says, pointing out that the direction is clear but figuring out the means to reach there is a big challenge. Wärtsilä’s investments in finding the best solutions and concepts in the markets, he says, have been – and will be – the key to keeping the company at the top of the game.

What makes Kalle’s work life more interesting is the fact that no two days are alike. He looks forward to developing himself each day and he loves to spend his free time with friends and family. “I like to go to a summer cottage or ride a boat on the beautiful lakes of Finland,” he adds.

Kalle is confident that he and Wärtsilä are ready for the opportunities that lie ahead and is raring to go. “I am thrilled to be a part of creating the future,” he concludes with a grin.

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