Kai Kamila

Director, Human Resources, Wärtsilä Finland

Vaasa, Finland

14 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Working together for the Smart Technology Hub and the ecosystem of the future

Kai Kamila, Human Resources Director in Wärtsilä Finland, has worked for the company for 14 years, and has a clear plan for the future: “Today, I’m heading Human Resources in Wärtsilä Finland.  I’m responsible for the change management of the Smart Technology Hub, and together with my team, ensuring that this new facility in Vaasa meets the future expectations of all relevant stakeholders.”

During his years with Wärtsilä, Kai has experienced the company’s career development opportunities first hand. “In 2005, I started as a head of HR in the Engines division and one of my first tasks was to implement Wärtsilä’s HR strategy to meet the business’ expectations. After five years, my journey took me to the Middle East and Asia region as a HR Director. Moving abroad was one of my best decisions, and gave me opportunities for personal development,” Kai tells about his career.

“Already in the Engines team, I had the opportunity to work together with people from different countries and on interesting projects. I never thought that living abroad in a new culture would feed my personal growth so much. I learnt a lot from the teams there and we achieved great things together. Wärtsilä has met my expectations and given me multiple opportunities to grow in the company and with the customers,” Kai describes his journey.

According to Kai, his genuine respect for people, interest in HR development and continuous willingness to learn have brought him far in his career. During his time at Wärtsilä, he has learnt more about the efficiency of teamwork than he could have ever imagined: “In the early days, I was too impatient and focused only on achieving my own targets, but I learnt quite quickly that only when the team truly works together sustainably and efficiently, we can reach our targets.”

In addition, Kai thinks the company has developed a lot from his first years. “During my 14 years with Wärtsilä, areas such as people strategy, processes and tools have developed a lot. We are now working in a company that has its feet well grounded in the present, but with big ambitions to play a major role in  future ecosystems.”

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