Jukka Zenger

Enterprise Architect, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Helsinki, Finland

14 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


From the assembly hall to the software side of engines

Jukka Zenger, Enterprise Architect, started working at Wärtsilä already while still studying. He initially started as a trainee and stayed for three trainee periods assembling engines in Wärtsilä’s Vaasa factory and one traineeship in the Field Service team installing power plants. Later, he made his Master’s Thesis in the Product Data Management (PDM) team. These initial touch points with Wärtsilä helped him to get a better understanding of the company, “During the trainee periods, I got a good understanding of Wärtsilä’s products and processes on a very practical level which has been helpful later in my career.”

In 2008, after graduation, Jukka started working for Wärtsilä permanently as an Information Expert and got to develop and deploy the Product Lifecycle Management system for engines and propulsion business. After that project, he moved to Helsinki to further develop the PDM system and now he is working as an Enterprise Architect, tasked to identify and develop Wärtsilä’s future business capabilities, especially from the software point of view.

Jukka’s Wärtsilä journey started on the engine side but eventually, life took him to the software side. “During my journey, I’ve been honoured to work with so many different people from different locations, functions, businesses and backgrounds,“ Jukka concludes.

There are multiple memorable days that fit into Jukka’s 14 years in the company. However, one specific event comes to his mind: when the team went to pick engines from the port in Turkey to take them to a power plant site. “The engines were lifted from the ship and transported to the site and all the way to the engine room. At the moment, it hit to my mind that Wärtsilä is actually doing very cool stuff, “ Jukka tells about his experience.

And Wärtsilä’s offering is not the only cool thing as Jukka also praises the way of working inside the company, “Open atmosphere and professional people, international environment, the wide product portfolio – these are some of the things I really enjoy when working in Wärtsilä. Wärtsilä is also designing and manufacturing a wide range of different products and solutions which usually have a long history or background.”

“Working within internal cross-business projects, you sometimes need an open mind to handle all the ideas and requirements, as well as persistence due to the nature of these projects; they are long-lasting process and systems developments where the outcome might not always be so tangible,” Jukka tells about the daily work.

Nowadays, Wärtsilä is even more global and well-known company than when Jukka started. Jukka has recognised this rather well and acknowledges, “Somehow, I feel that Wärtsilä is better known today also by people who are not in the business or dealing with our industries,” he begins to describe the transformation.

“Wärtsilä has nowadays many software and automation solutions so we have sort of shifted from ‘bending the steel to working with software’. This is changing the company culture even if Wärtsilä is an engineering company by its nature. As I see it, the world keeps changing with trends coming and going, where Wärtsilä has the capability to adapt these changes into its products and processes, as well as to be a forerunner in innovation in certain segments.”

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