Juha-Pekka Simula

Senior Project Manager,Data Bridge Solution Delivery

Vancouver, Canada

5 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Connecting the Smart Marine Ecosystem

Coming from a smaller marine technology company, Juha-Pekka Simula still recalls the impression he had about Wärtsilä before he joined the company. “Based on past knowledge from industry news, articles and colleagues, I have always considered Wärtsilä as a reputable Finnish technology company that produces straightforward mechanical products and solutions for the industry” Juha-Pekka begins. “Nowadays, I see Wärtsilä operating also at the leading edge of digital technology with a serious focus and determination to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.”

Juha-Pekka joined the company in 2016 when Wärtsilä acquired Eniram where he had worked since 2014. In 2018, he got an opportunity to join Wärtsilä Canada Inc. and moved to Vancouver. “Now, I work as a Senior Project Manager in the Data Bridge Solution Delivery team. In my role, I’m responsible for managing the delivery of Wärtsilä’s data collection units and energy optimization systems to different types of ships.” This means that Juha-Pekka is part of extending the smart marine ecosystem; getting more and more vessels connected to each other and to the shore. For him it has been interesting to be able to experience the digital revolution in the marine industry. “It feels exciting to be on board Wärtsilä that has the leading experts of the industry, experience and resources to take the digitalisation to new heights in the future," Juha-Pekka describes. “That is also what I enjoy the most about working at Wärtsilä; I get to work along other professionals in a multinational and dynamic environment in a trend-setting company which has such a prestigious history.”

Problem-solver on horseback

When it comes to settling down in Vancouver, Juha-Pekka appreciates the Canadian culture and amazing nature as well as the similarities between Canada and Finland. “I like hiking in the nature, exploring the mountains and going on horseback trail rides. Especially here in Canada, there is no shortage of spectacular scenery with the mountains, lakes and glaciers which help to calm the mind and get the mind off from work but also find solutions to work-related issues.”

Talking about work-related issues, Juha-Pekka is an eager problem-solver – after all, it is those moments that make the workdays memorable. “Any day when our team’s delivery is successfully completed, or a problem is successfully resolved is a memorable one. I enjoy when I get to apply the knowledge and experience I have gained from my past work assignments in a new context.”

Juha-Pekka’s project management experience also contributed to this particular customer delivery; a challenge they overcame as a team.

“There was a long-lasting problem which was affecting several vessels of the customer – ultimately jeopardizing the customer’s trust on us. Resolving the problem required coordinating the time, knowledge and experience of many people. Working closely together in a structured way helped in gaining back the customers belief in us and our product,” Juha-Pekka begins. “Winning back this customer’s trust strengthened my earlier experiences: you should never give up no matter how difficult the situation is, you keep working for finding the solution and testing new ideas until the issue is resolved.”

In a nutshell

When further discussing about Wärtsilä’s industry-leading position, Juha-Pekka feels there are several factors reasoning the company’s success. However, he ends up mentioning Wärtsilä’s vision on smart ecosystem and smart technology hubs. “Smart Marine Ecosystem represents a desirable future; it is a new way of operating vessels. Smart ecosystem means new energy systems, optimising the different functions, generating the smallest possible climate impact...the list goes on and on,” he says with enthusiasm.

And for the years to come, Juha-Pekka believes that Wärtsilä will continue to lead the way for others in new technologies, innovation and ways of working. “I am eager to do my part in helping the company to continue being the leader in the industry, learning every step of the way. I want to bring the best of me to the table as we develop and shape the future of the company.”



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