Joseph Foti

Coordinator, Parts Coordination Management

Huntingwood, Australia

22 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Australia


22 years of development

Joseph Foti, a Wärtsilä hero who is making sure that day-to-day activities run smoothly, has worked with spare parts for 22 years. Joseph feels that all the various positions he has had during these years have been important for his journey, developing himself and his career.

Currently, Joseph is working in Parts Coordination Management as a Coordinator. His days consist of handling customer inquiries, spare part orders and doing warehousing responsibilities of spare parts, both inward and outward. Joseph is inspired and motivated by the skilled colleagues he gets to work with, and by the benefits Wärtsilä offers to its employees. On top of that, Joseph likes the customer interaction part of his work and when he gets to do his best to surprise the customers and exceed their expectations.

W: Describe a situation from your career at Wärtsilä, when an important event took place. 

JF: When Wärtsilä Australia commenced SAP, I was involved with logistics companies to set up and arrange transportation and customs clearance for spare part deliveries to our customers.

W: In what way, would you say, has the company innovated to stay ahead of the times?

JF: Keeping up with the latest technology to meet customer requirements – and exceeding them.

W: Where do you see Wärtsilä heading over the next 15 years? And how do you see yourself growing with it?

JF: Wärtsilä has already grown in product portfolio and grown into a one stop shop for our customers. However, we will grow even further with more products and services through new acquisitions. Through this I hope to grow with more knowledge and potentially advance my career path.

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