John Sydney

Vice President, Area Middle East & Asia, Marine Business

Singapore, Singapore

25 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Australia


Embracing the change!

John is a true visionary who has never been afraid of change. He is always embracing the change, taking it as a new opportunity to move forward. Even John’s journey becoming part of the Wärtsilä family was a sum of incidents and changes.

“I joined Sulzer as a Service Engineer back in 1992. Since then, my journey has been filled with excitement, experiences and opportunities. I came into the Wärtsilä family in 1997 via the acquisition of Sulzer,” John recalls. “In Wärtsilä, each time we go through a significant change in the organisation, the playing field opens up offering a fresh perspective and opportunity to grow. Wärtsilä is a people's company and has a strong culture of caring and looking after the people who want that golden chance to prove themselves and develop even further.”

When asked what inspires John most in his work, the reply comes without hesitation: “The trust, the empowerment, the support and just the abundance of sheer opportunities, if one just wants to grab them. On top of these, the people!”

One of the most memorable cases during John’s career has been a situation where he resolved a stalled large opportunity which had lingered for months because the customer's contractual position was not understood properly. “I took the effort in connecting the risk with practicality and finding common ground with the customer. Contract was signed four weeks later. Both parties were happy at the end; customer got his payback in nine months and Wärtsilä made a healthy profit.”

John believes that in the future, Wärtsilä will become more and more of a trendsetter, not a follower. “The platform we are preparing for the Smart Marine Ecosystem is valuable and much needed as we move towards the era of true asset management. More comprehensive asset management is one field where I see us increasingly playing within the next years. I also see we continue having a strong brand name in the marine industry, bigger and more reputable than our competitors. I personally believe the engines and other products we have will play a secondary role – even if still important – as our business model will be more and more based on value-selling and as-a-service models instead. As for me, I will probably have 7-8 years more to give before retirement. My objectives in this time is to help grow Wärtsilä Marine Business and to prepare the next wave of good leaders to run the business.”

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