Johanna Aromaa

Senior Project Manager, Value-Based Selling, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Helsinki, Finland

11 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Greater together

For Johanna Aromaa, the journey to her current position as Senior Project Manager in Wärtsilä Energy Business’ Strategy department has been very fulfilling. “I have had great bosses who have always supported me and trusted me with a lot of responsibility,” Johanna says. “I never thought I would stay in one company as long as I have stayed with Wärtsilä but who knows, maybe I stay for another 10 years!”

Johanna says that the most memorable work moments always include her colleagues with whom she has become close friends. “We have run marathons together and become godmothers of each others’ kids. Hugs from these colleagues and friends have often saved a day and even an entire week. I know they’ll always have my back at work and off-work”, Johanna says.

Team mates also bring Johanna closer to her dreams. “I think that together we can achieve bigger things, rather than alone. I feel our company’s aim of enabling sustainable societies is very motivating. Nobody can change the course of the future alone, but together within our company and beyond, we can transform our industry towards a more sustainable world for us and our kids”.

This is something where Johanna has seen Wärtsilä changing during her 11 years in the company. “Wärtsilä has become more aware of the impact we leave to the world, in a positive way. We are also more flexible, and people are trusted to perform their work in a way they see and feel the best.”

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