Ji Hyun Park

Senior Field Service Coordinator, Field Service Operations, Wärtsilä Korea

Busan, Korea

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Korea


Just a phone call away

For Ji Hyun Park, the best part of his work is when the colleagues on the field reach out to him. Working as a Senior Field Service Coordinator, Ji Hyun enjoys both helping his colleagues and solving tough questions together with them. Hence, it’s always a pleasant moment when his phone rings.

“When our service engineers call me, it is either during the task or after they’ve accomplished the service work successfully. Both kinds of phone calls make me stay up-to-date and feel involved in their work which is important to me,” he tells.

Normally, service engineers are calling Ji Hyun to give a brief update on the situation during the task. Sometimes, when seeing the customer’s vessel or power plant, the engineers may also have questions about the spare parts, or they realise that the customer would benefit more from a slightly different service work than what was initially planned. Also, in this case, the engineers then call Ji Hyun to share information on the suggested new work scope and to check if the upcoming service work schedule would allow it.

Ji Hyun has now been working in Wärtsilä for 12 years, and during that time he has built close relationships with colleagues – which bring joy to his workdays. “I have noticed that sharing your challenges with other people helps. Multiple times, I’ve been able to apply their comments and feedback to ease my daily life,” Ji Hyun tells. As Ji Hyun is always thinking of how he could do more and better, he is using this feedback to improve the way he reacts and communicates in various situations.


Positivity will take you there

Amongst the local colleagues in Korea, Ji Hyun has several role models. Still, he says there is one person who has made the biggest impact on his career. “Mr Young Rae Cho is probably the most positive person in Wärtsilä Korea. He inspires me daily to become a similar source of energy to my counterparts. And I try to do it by keeping a positive, open-minded and solution-oriented attitude – in all situations,” Ji Hyun tells.

One of the work challenges that Ji Hyun recently overcame with his colleagues was the launch of Wärtsilä’s internal billing system that is to make the invoice handling between various Wärtsilä network companies more efficient and easier, moving away from manual work to more automatic processes. Setting up the system took a lot of effort from various people, but eventually, the launch was a shared moment of pride. Even if Wärtsilä Korea is already using the system, Ji Hyun – as the Project Implementation Manager for the entire Service Unit East Asia and China – is still helping other locations, such as Wärtsilä China and Wärtsilä Japan, to take the system into use.

Now, while progressing the expansion of Wärtsilä’s internal billing system, Ji Hyun is continuing his daily coordinator tasks with Wärtsilä’s vision clear in his head; for Ji Hyun it is the matter of heart to be with a company that aims to cut down the emissions and strives towards a renewable energy future.

One could say that renewable energy has truly made an impact on Ji Hyun, and he is using ‘renewable energy sources’ also to refill his own energy levels after office hours, “My family gives me energy and is the source of positiveness in me.”

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