Jenni Karjalainen

Expert, Advanced Concepts, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Vaasa, Finland

7 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Innovative young professional

Jenni Karjalainen is a young professional from Vaasa who has worked with Wärtsilä for seven years. She states that her journey at Wärtsilä has been full of learning and self-development. “I started in Wärtsilä when doing my master’s thesis and after that got a job in developing engine control software. Last year, I changed from production engine automation development to focus on prototyping development.”

Currently, Jenni is part of a team that develops new automation concepts in a rapid manner. “The goal is to get new innovative automation functionalities faster to products, or to find out sooner that something is not working and not worth developing. Within automation software development, I have noticed that it is better to start discussing the challenges you face at an early phase. Usually, it is co-operation and fresh thinking that solves the challenges,” she explains.

One of Jenni’s most memorable work-related memories at Wärtsilä is being part of a team that launched a new laboratory engine at the end of 2018. “Our team has been responsible for developing automation in a new rapid way to that platform. All the hard work paid off and the launch was smoother than expected,” she tells.

“In addition, field trips to customer sites have been memorable as I’ve been able to see my own responsibility area in action, and I’ve had a chance to solve concrete issues related to operations at the site. Within research and development, we are all the time developing new and I like the challenges that brings.”

Jenni thinks that automation and software development capabilities are more widely recognised than they were when she started. She is also pleased that the number of female engineers has increased within the recent years, yet there is still room for more.

Jenni sees that the future will bring both opportunities and challenges for technology companies. “Wärtsilä as a smart technology company has the responsibility to bring new innovations and solutions to market, helping customers produce energy in a sustainable way. The world is changing fast and in unknown ways; thus, it is impossible to know exactly where I will be in five years. What I know for now is that I want to be part of developing new solutions.”

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