Javier Ricciarelli

Sales Manager, Services Unit Latin America South, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Buenos Aires, Argentina

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Argentina


Lifting up the energy levels in energy business

As a Sales Manager in Wärtsilä Energy Business, it’s no surprise that one of Javier Ricciarelli’s most memorable career milestone is being part of a series of closed deals. These deals took place in 2016 and they did not only increase Wärtsilä’s installed base and number of long-term service agreements, but also made a significant impact on society, providing employment to a large number of people in Argentina.

“We sold seven new power plants to different utility companies, increasing Wärtsilä’s installed base in the country to 500MW. So far, this and especially the service agreements related to these new plants have been the biggest milestones during my career at Wärtsilä,” Javier recalls.

With his experience and passion to get things done, we can rely on Javier to make his mark in the future also. “Over the coming years, I see Wärtsilä growing our renewable and hybrid offering as well as extending our state-of-the-art solutions in both Energy and Marine Business. I look forward to being one of those people who are personally introducing these improvements to the markets and to our customers. I believe Wärtsilä has shown its enormous capacity to reinvent itself and to absorb various changes that the markets are facing.”

Javier is devoted to make Wärtsilä a great place to work, which is reflected in his daily routines of coaching and building trustworthy relationships – inside and outside the company. “My typical workdays are about leading and coaching a group of sales professionals and keeping internal stakeholders aligned to deliver our best. On top of that, I care about our customers, so I pay them regular visits.”

Today, Javier is working as a services Sales Manager in Latin America South. However, before his current position, Javier enjoyed his fair share of other roles and the opportunity to work abroad.

With full appreciation for Wärtsilä’s career development opportunities, he says: “My journey with Wärtsilä has been packed with changes, excitement, opportunities to develop my skills – and of course, learning constantly. If I compare to year 2006, when I was starting my career as an Account Manager, I think Wärtsilä has changed completely – and not least in the way we place effort on providing career development opportunities for employees.”

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