Jane Junger

Communication & Marketing Manager, Wärtsilä Service Unit Nordics & Baltic

Rubbestadneset, Norway

3 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Norway


On both sides of the camera

Often working on the other side of the camera, it is great to see Jane Junger, Wärtsilä’s Communication and Marketing Manager, glowing this time in front of the camera as she shares her Wärtsilä experience.

Jane started in the company three years ago and has since then become familiar to her colleagues not only thanks to her communication role, but also for her positivity and lets-do-this-attitude.

In her video, Jane shares various reasons why she enjoys her current work; one of the main ones being all the wonderful people she has got to known within the past years. “One of the best parts of working in Wärtsilä is actually to meet and talk with the whole world – every week,” Jane describes.

See Jane’s full video to learn more about her, her work and how Jane feels about the green transition.

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