Yoo HeeHwan

Manager, Engineering, Voyage Solutions, Wärtsilä Marine Business

Busan, South Korea

4 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from South Korea


The importance of team spirit

Meet HeeHwan Yoo, a Voyage Solution Project Manager from South Korea, who has been working at Wärtsilä for four years now. HeeHwan joined the company as Wärtsilä acquired L-3 Marine Systems International where HeeHwan had been making career for 17 years by then.

Besides HeeHwan, there are four other team members who are part of the Automation, Navigation & Communication project in Wärtsilä South Korea. “I am so proud that our team manages all the project tasks in South Korea – engineering, factory acceptance test, software, technical clarification for class surveyor and ship owners as well as the technical support to the shipyard,” he begins his story. HeeHwan tells, that so far, he has been participating both in commissioning and preparation of the engineering documents when launching a new product. “Sometimes I get stressed about being involved in multiple phases of the project. But in the end, when the customer is satisfied, I always feel that I’m doing valuable work.”

Besides keeping customers happy and giving technical advice to the shipyard’s design team, HeeHwan is interested in sharing information about technical solutions and advises within his own team members.

“I think this attitude is very important to foster operational excellence – or continuous improvement, as you may know it – and I’m pleased when my team and also rest of the organisation does a good job through information sharing. In this regard, Wärtsilä offers me good opportunities. I am influenced by nice colleagues, which is nutrition for my work. Within the past years, my skills and mindset have already been developing a lot and I look forward to more!”

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