Gonzalo Gallo

Plant Manager, Services Unit Latin America South, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Argentina


Building a better future together

Gonzalo Gallo, Plant Manager in Buenos Aires, Argentina, started his career in Wärtsilä two years ago just before the inauguration of a new power plant in the Argentinian city of Pilar. He was excited about the high-performance engines he got to work with and the complexity of managing a totally new team.

In his current position, Gonzalo is leading the operations and maintenance team in the power plant which means in practice dealing and coordinating tasks while managing the business and customer’s requests. “It has been interesting to work at the plant from the critical start of the engines to their full use for maximum efficiency, while at the same time, learning Wärtsilä’s way of working and technologies that were new – not only to me but to our entire team,“ he says.

In general, Gonzalo prefers working with a team, learning from others as well as setting and achieving targets together. “In Wärtsilä, I appreciate all kinds of diversity around me every day. Not only the cultural diversity but also the different profiles and career paths that are focused on working together for the same target of excellence,” Gonzalo shares his thoughts. “One of my strengths is the confidence I have on myself and my team. This allows me to manage the whole business in a flexible and effective way; instead of relying solely on my own point of view, we solve things together and to succeed, we use the best qualities of each one of us. Day-after-day, I ensure I discuss with different team mates. This helps me to keep in mind other people's reality, issues, passions, and reminds me about why I do what I do.”

Also celebrating is always nicer together, and one of the most memorable moments was the one-year anniversary of the power plant, where the whole team gathered together to celebrate the tangible results of each person’s work and the development they were working hard for daily. “Quite many of us had prepared emotional speeches telling about our own personal growth and satisfaction at the power plant. They really showed the magnitude of our joint development,” Gonzalo describes the warm atmosphere in the ceremony.

The past two years have been a learning curve; when the power plant was launched there was a team of 20 people who were not familiar with the company, engines or even with the business. Now, the team has turned into a bunch of successful experts who work both great together but also independently. Gonzalo has developed tactics to increase his team’s efficiency and work satisfaction. “We define our processes, implement them, then evaluate and improve them. I think this tactic works thanks to my earlier manager experience, but also due to the honesty and people’s trust and support. I appreciate the freedom that people in the customer organisation, my team members and managers have given me to work as I see is best for the plant,” he says.

Wärtsilä Argentina has grown a lot since Gonzalo started and is nowadays an international organisation connected all over the world. “The evolution has been both tough and interesting and it has enabled our growth into better versions of ourselves,“ Gonzalo tells. Now, the power plant is known in the region as a trend-setter where the newest innovations are tested. As the power plant is new and in a visible business spot, Gonzalo’s team is leading the way and implementing the newest technology. Gonzalo enjoys this situations as it is a great learning opportunity and makes the team truly feel the speed at which technology evolves. “The past years have shown that the change is the only thing that stays. I am confident that Wärtsilä will keep the innovations ahead of time and I will be part of this change and continue developing my skills and implementing the newest innovations.”

In his personal life, Gonzalo is having a very special motivation for making his local community, and the entire earth, a better place to live for all of us as he is expecting a little girl to join his family. “I am working every day a bit harder as I want to show her what is it like to live a meaningful and happy life,” he smiles.

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