Gjord Berg

Category Manager, Facility Management, Wärtsilä Indirect Purchasing

Bergen, Norway

10 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Norway


Innovating is more than throwing ideas into the air non-stop

Gjord Berg works with Facility Management and Real Estate among great colleagues and interesting challenges in Wärtsilä’s Indirect Purchasing team. “A broad spectre of activities and contacts make each day unique and special. My experience from Wärtsilä in the last decade has been more than expected. The scope of work has been increasing for the last years, which both makes it more challenging as well as keep things more interesting. I consider that one of ‘the golden opportunities’ to work in Wärtsilä, is to be a part of a team where our effort matters. It really feels that you can influence the change of the way of working and bring more efficiency into our operations.”

One of these ‘golden opportunity’ moments was for instance when Gjord together with his colleagues initiated a new global indirect purchasing system for the organisation to use. “ I do remember a moment when we introduced the idea of a global indirect team and the global purchasing system in a workshop at Helsinki back in 2014. The fact that our suggestion got approved gave me inspiration for many years and also boosted my personal career. I have reflected on this moment many times afterwards, and still, I can recall the feeling.”

The successes are even better when there have been some bowels on the road. “Once, we had to finalise a major real estate contract in time so we could start the building process. The deadline was approaching and multiple documents had to be finalised. By focusing on activities, delegation and consolidation, the contract was signed. Not only that, but the negotiations with the new landlord took weeks. My previous experience with negotiations and understanding of the structure of documents helped us to finalise everything within the deadline. A good negotiation team is always a key to success”

Gjord emphasises that all Wärtsilians should innovate and react to the opportunities given. “Innovation has been an essential part of Wärtsilä, and certainly this inspires all our colleagues to move on with ideas and bring forward innovative products and solutions. Continuous innovation brings us more strongly together, makes our activities harmonised and gives us great opportunities. However, it is not all about throwing ideas into the air with the highest speed but it is equally important to have someone to share or ping-pong the ideas with in order to make them as feasible as possible. That’s why we are sharing topics together in the team and everyone provides great support to each other. I am impressed by the cooperating and openness we have,“ Gjord says. 

When listening to his excited voice, it doesn’t come as a surprise that influencing and innovating keeps him energised. “To influence the way of working as well as improve and keep the costs down keep me motivated,” he says. Outside the office, Gjord enjoys training for a triathlon and spending time with family on outdoor activities in Norway.

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