Giuseppe Saragò

General Manager, Smart Manufacturing & Innovations

Trieste, Italy

11 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Italy


An Italian expert of excellence leading by example

W: Giuseppe Saragò, what do you enjoy the most about working in Wärtsilä?

GS: Being part of an international organisation where we have talent in many areas. Committed people and passion for aiming always to excellence. On top of these, I enjoy the feeling to be part of a family where sometimes you can discuss even with big arguments, but where you can always find someone that will support so that you won’t feel alone with the challenges you’re facing.

W: What, in your opinion, is your greatest contribution to Wärtsilä?

GS: Leading by an example and always showing in my daily life that there are no impossible things or unbreakable barriers – other than your own mind. I want to showcase my capability to envision and commitment to innovate with full belief that innovators take risks – and learning to avoid these risks. Followers just face issues without knowing they were risks.

W: Where do you see Wärtsilä heading over the next 15 years?

GS: I see Wärtsilä as the new Apple of Smart Energy and Marine Mobility where our hardware is a mean to fully exploit full potential of smart ecosystem and artificial intelligence is enabling self-adapting solutions.

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