Florencia Balestrelli

Team Leader, Operations, Business Control Center, Area Americas

Buenos Aires, Argentina

9 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Argentina


Committed ambassador following the latest trends in energy markets

Florencia Balestrelli, Team Leader Controller in Buenos Aires, joined Wärtsilä as an external auditor before the current team was created. According to Florencia, her regional position within Americas is interesting because the position makes it possible to get to know cultures and people that make every day unique.

Florencia knows the importance of her position. “Controllers’ work is not always welcomed, but it's really important for a company of the size of Wärtsilä to grow and maintain standardised guidelines globally. I always try to promote global standards and explain their importance. I need to be updated on each change in guidelines and project their impact to the business. Together with my team, we ensure that we are always ahead of time. The changes are sometimes frustrating, but there are good learning points,“ she tells about her function.

The energy market is changing all the time, and Florencia plays an active role in the adaptation process. Changes need commitment and modifications in the team due to the increasing need for resources. Florencia’s work is really important also in the team-building perspective, to which she adds: “I need to be able to maintain a professional and united team through time, and ensure they can adapt to the changes while providing the support that the company expects. The team is important, and the high team-spirit and supportive collaboration make every day more fun.”

Digitalisation has been a breakthrough in Wärtsilä, as the company is constantly looking for strategic partners and making acquisitions to ensure growth. The challenge is to keep the image and business vision in line. Says Florencia, “On our day-to-day work we can see the investment and development on reporting tools and robotic process automation. I am confident that in five years, Wärtsilä will continue its environmental development by focusing on and providing solutions to support the sustainability of societies.”

Florencia spends her free time with her family. “I enjoy everything I’ll do as long as it's done with my family.”

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