Farhana Yasmin

Senior Engineer, Sales Support, Wärtsilä Services Area Middle East, Asia and Australia

Dhaka, Bangladesh

5 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Bangladesh


Pioneers of Bangladesh

Already before joining the company, Farhana Yasmin had an image of Wärtsilä as a front-runner in the Bangladeshi power sector. “I really wanted to work with this pioneering company and my previous experience on similar sales support tasks eventually helped me to land an open position at Wärtsilä,” Farhana begins.

In the future, Farhana wishes to see Wärtsilä continuing its pioneering work as the company introduces many new advanced technologies globally. According to her, there is no doubt whether Wärtsilians will be capable of doing so – especially if you look how intensively the company is advancing and innovating on digital opportunities. “For example, already now, our Contract Centre that is connected to power plants helps to predict and avoid unfortunate situations or technical failures,” she explains.

Farhana’s work as a Senior Sales Support Engineer lets her get involved in service assignments from the early negotiation phases to the sales offering and to the agreement signing. “In my role, I’m supporting our local service sales team with technical, commercial and legal matters,” Farhana tells about her daily work.

Being in contact with her own team mates, sales teams and Wärtsilä’s customers, ensures Farhana’s days are rarely lonely nor alike. “I find my work duties meaningful and motivating and the working environment is very pleasant, friendly and energising,” Farhana describes. For a people-focused person like Farhana, the biggest moments of joy come when she gets to deliver a response or a solution to the customer – and especially when she is able to deliver a fast response.

During Farhana’s five-year tenure with Wärtsilä, varying work experiences, shared knowledge and her team mates have helped Farhana develop her competences. “My personal strengths at work are my flexibility and adaptability. I try to constantly apply the lessons learned in previous experiences into new situations,” Farhana says.

It’s also definitely working for Farhana’s benefit that she is very friendly to all the people she meets and gets to work with. “Most of the time, you need others to get the work forward. For example, when I started at Wärtsilä, I understood eventually the service offers, agreement proposal and contract preparing phases and how I could help the sales team in these. Instead, it was more challenging for me to understand the commercial as well as legal terms and conditions. So, I turned to my colleagues in legal team for guidance and overcame the initial challenges with their support,” Farhana shares openly.

Trustworthy colleagues are a support network that everyone needs, whether there are challenging times at work or if everything is running business-as-usual. “Our sales team forms this kind of rock-solid support network and my line manager always motivates me towards personal growth here,” Farhana tells. “During lunch times, we have the funniest moments as we discuss also other matters besides work.”

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