Fabio Tamaro

Information Development Expert, R&D Product Information

Trieste, Italy

17 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Italy


Future oriented innovator and encourager for the young talents 

Fabio Tamaro, Information Development Expert, is a man who has contributed to Wärtsilä’s operations already for over 17 years, while doing his share in keeping the company’s wheels rolling.  

Fabio’s activeness is admirable as he keenly tries out new endeavours. For example, when participating in the first-ever Wärtsilä hackathon, he supported his team to win the competition. And when Fabio arranged internships in Finland for Italian high school students, it was also a first-of-its-kind responsibility for him. 

Overall, Fabio sports a very solution-oriented attitude as he supports Wärtsilians with IT related questions and concerns and ensures that his colleagues gain fundamental IT-skills. “I think everything is doable and when I have a problem, there is always a solution – I just need to find it,” he says with a confident voice. This attitude has influenced his work from early on and the programs he developed in the beginning of his career are still used in many Wärtsilä locations, even after 17 years. To him, problems are meant to be solved. And according to his tremendous attitude, “every day is an opportunity to share more of the knowledge, improve, and digitalise our work processes.” 

Fabio has been a part of many projects, but to him, the most memorable one was the already-mentioned high school collaboration. He accepted the job with a bit of fear but got excited after a while, knowing that young people are the future and an opportunity to further open your mind to new ideas. “For me it is important to transfer my knowledge to others and to keep on learning. Fortunately, this enthusiasm is contagious and, in collaboration with other colleagues and with great determination, I managed to secure a successful internship in Vaasa for 14 students from Trieste.” The challenging task ended up being very rewarding, as Fabio and his Finnish colleagues were able to tie close friendships and create work synergies. 

Fabio sees Wärtsilians as one big supporting family, where it is possible to discuss and share ideas freely. For him, it is important to have this atmosphere where you are not alone with your brain-teasers. He enjoys being a part of an international organisation which combines many talents from different fields.

The future-minded Fabio states; “I think that in the future of artificial intelligence, we will create self-adapting and integrated solutions for our clients: not only engines, but lifecycle ecosystem solutions that serve customers from beginning to the end. As a programmer, I think the most important thing in keeping the wheels rolling is continuous development. As the great actor Antonio de Curtis (Totò) used to say: ‘He who stops is lost!’" 

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