Reetta Kaila

Sales Manager

Helsinki, Finland

8 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Enjoying the global company culture

Reetta Kaila joined Wärtsilä in 2010 as an Expert for New Technologies. Her work was about developing environmentally friendly gas-processing technologies for the offshore business, with an aim to recover flare gases from oil drilling, improving their quality and take them finally into use as fuel gas for dual-fuel engines. This development work continued for more than six years, and it took her to various roles in the team from R&D, design and sales engineering, to commissioning, project management and sales. For the last two years within that team, she worked as the Product Manager for Wärtsilä GasReformer. In 2016, she joined the Fuel Gas Supply System team and started as Sales Manager for LNG (liquefied natural gas) fuel systems in Wärtsilä Marine Business, being responsible for sales in North-Europe and Asia.

Reetta says that there is no typical workday: “You have a plan for the day and usually start with the emails. Finally you realise that you have completed the day with something completely different. Customers want LNG as fuel, so days are hectic with new requests coming in from owners, designers, ship yards and colleagues. It's about emails, Skype-calls, customer meetings, travelling.” Reetta finds her work meaningful and motivating, as the team is trying to reduce green house gas emissions of shipping.

She enjoys the global company culture and the chance to see the world when travelling. Reetta sees that Wärtsilians have the chance to make a big change in the marine industry and sees it also as their responsibility; being the leader in many technologies.

Reetta thinks that Wärtsilä is agile and always one step ahead. “Wärtsilä listens to customers and knows their values and needs. Wärtsilä is also eager to go for new technologies or solutions that are tested out together with customers. The company is growing with acquisitions and adopting by that new businesses, products and services, as well as innovations related.”

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