Cristina Urot

Manager, Marketing & Communications, Middle East & Asia Energy Business

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

13 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Philippines


Energetic like a 600 MW power plant

Cristina Urot is honored to share with us her humble beginnings in Wärtsilä as an Assistant in Marine organisation and her journey towards her success today as Marketing & Communications Manager in the Area Middle East and Asia.

Cristina describes how she never gets tired of learning and always looks at the future with enthusiasm especially in her line of work when Wärtsilä is increasingly shifting from traditional marketing and communications activities to more digital, online and experiential ones.

W: Cristina, can you tell us about your career at Wärtsilä to date?

CU: My career growth in Wärtsilä mirrors our three values; Energy, Excitement and Excellence! I have been able to learn, experience and develop both as a professional and as an individual during my 13 years here at Wärtsilä.

Energy – my work refuels my energy every day. I feel like a 600 MW power plant powered by Wärtsilä solutions! With a positive outlook, it makes me more determined and driven as I put in the right attitude in every task. I feel motivated that my efforts are creating value.

Excitement – in my role, I always get excited about engaging with people and learning about the business. Becoming a part of the winning teams and positive business results through my contributions, makes me more excited to continue.

Excellence – Wärtsilä is a company that gives equal opportunities to its employees. It grows talent through providing people with chances to learn and committing to give access to development. I feel that I am enabled to foster my competencies over time.

W: How has Wärtsilä transformed during your time here?

CU: I have seen Wärtsilä transform from having a vision to delivering the promise. In my own work, I have experienced how Wärtsilä has changed from being perceived as an engine manufacturer to becoming one of the leaders in smart technology.

W: What excites and energises you about your work?

CU: My work involves dealing with customers and colleagues. It serves both external and internal stakeholders. One of the best parts of my work is that I get to meet diverse people every day and this really energises me.

Naturally, not all our daily work can be that blissful. Some aspects of my job inspire me to try harder and become the best version of myself, always bringing in as Cristina 4.0.

It excites me to think that we are more than 19,000 people at Wärtsilä, I have get to known maybe few hundreds of them, so there are about 18,000+ more colleagues to know and engage with!

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