Emil Katajainen

Senior Development Manager, Marine Business Development

Stockholm, Sweden

8 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Leading the future towards sustainability

Emil Katajainen started his career at Wärtsilä while still being a student eight years ago. Between the starting point and his current position as a Senior Development Manager in Wärtsilä Marine Business, he has been able to contribute in multiple positions – starting from the development of sales tools, as well as participating in business system integration projects for newly acquired Wärtsilä companies. “At this moment, I’m mainly helping us realise the smart marine strategy in the area of voyage optimisation. I've gotten great opportunities to grow professionally since my first role in SAP project migration.”

He is fascinated by the continuous development in Wärtsilä and emphasises the importance of co-workers. “I enjoy the constant change and being able to work towards reshaping the company, helping us to keep up with the winds of the world. I'm proud of being part of so many successful integration projects in bringing new companies to the Wärtsilä family. It's always a team effort and the successes should be celebrated by all,” he says.

Teams are a big part of the Wärtsilä family, where team spirit is clearly evident. Traditions, such as ‘Friday bun’, keep the spirit up. “Friday bun is simply a rotating turn to bring something sweet every Friday and chat together with the team in a relaxed way,” he explains. Emil learned the Friday bun tradition while he was still working in the Helsinki office and gets to still join the tradition every time he happens to be on a work trip in Finland.

Emil is a real team player and supports others with everything he can. “Many of the more memorable challenges have been about using skills learned, or networks gained in earlier roles, and putting them to use in a new context. Helping a struggling colleague to make sense of the customer data, linking colleagues together to help solve an issue, or facilitating discussions to foster cooperation and gain visibility on other people's work, are just a few examples of this.”

Emil has seen a tremendous change in the company and in the business during the past eight years. “In my opinion, we're more aware of, and better positioned, towards the long-term megatrends affecting the whole world's future,” he adds.  

He emphasises Wärtsilä’s continuous development towards sustainable societies to be an increasingly important guideline in the future. “I will do my utmost best to help the company towards this, for example by optimising the voyages of the world’s ships. For this reason, it has been highly inspirational to learn a lot about our voyage optimisation solutions – we have great building blocks for a kick-ass comprehensive future offering!”

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