Eero-Kaappo Koivisto

Manager, Operative Performance, Operational Excellence

Helsinki, Finland

2 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


A dream team of friends and rivals

Starting as a Trainee in Wärtsilä’s Hamburg office, the path of Eero-Kaappo Koivisto has since then taken him back to Finland where he now works as a Manager of Operative Performance. In terms of career development, Eero-Kaappo shows gratitude towards his line managers who have always trusted with him properly-seized challenges that have made him grow and taken his career forward.

“Nowadays, I'm a part of a team implementing operational excellence culture into our everyday operations. We operate together with almost all Wärtsilä locations and operations which makes my work as versatile as possible.”

When another Wärtsilä team wants to improve their processes, it’s Eero-Kaappo or his team mates who step in and help to make the current process – with its bottlenecks – more transparent and discover improvement opportunities together with the team in question. For now, Eero-Kaappo sees that his biggest contribution has taken place within Field Services where he helped to align the global tools and processes. Like normally, he started by making the status quo more transparent and then connected various locations together to find the best practices everyone can agree to.

In Eero-Kaappo’s video, you get to hear more about him overcoming the Field Service challenge and cheerful stories on their team spirit – once, brainstorming over tapas helped them to reduce invoicing lead time by 70%!
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