Dimitris Anastasopoulos

General Manager, Field Service, Wärtsilä Services Unit Greece & Cyprus

Athens, Greece

28 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Greece


28 years of leaps and development

In the past decades, Dimitris Anastasopoulos has seen the world’s concern over the environment growing tremendously. At the same time, he has witnessed how companies are developing their solutions to better meet this call for help from the planet.

Still back in 1992, the world – as we now know it – was a different place, and it was actually Wärtsilä’s traditional engine business that attracted Dimitris to join the company: “I wanted to work for a well-known company that powered marine and energy industries with its diesel engines.”

But in his 28 years with Wärtsilä, Dimitris has seen the company developing its position in both marine and energy sectors. “We have grown to be a total solution provider that focuses on modern technologies and innovations along with utmost respect of safety. Nowadays, we are fully committed to customers’ expectations and respect to the environment,” Dimitris describes.

Located in Athens, Greece, Dimitris has also seen progress in the number of people and international activities. “I fondly remember the two people who established the service team here in Greece whereas now we are a dynamic team of 67 service colleagues. I feel very proud of us and our team leader, Mr Yiannis Christopoulos who has supported me from very early years and makes every working day worthwhile.”

While Dimitris has seen Wärtsilä taking giant leaps ahead, he is certain that one can crave for more. “I’m confident that we’ll see Wärtsilä developing more effective emission reduction strategies as well as growing in the areas of logistics and digitalisation. Wärtsilians will further develop hydrodynamics of modern ships, make machinery improvements and introduce hybrid systems by implementing disruptive business models. We can do this as we are continuously enhancing our digital competences and developing co-creation and innovation centres globally.”

My journey on the field

Dimitris joined the company in 1992 as a Sales Support Engineer but feels that his professional career got a flying start only about a year after when there was a decision to establish a local service station to provide customers both field and workshop services. This created the opportunity for Dimitris to further develop these service activities in Greece.

During the years, Dimitris gathered experience in various field service roles and elsewhere – trying out the hats of a Field Service Engineer, a Contract Manager, a Project Manager – and the list continues. “Currently, I work as a General Manager for Field Service in Wärtsilä Services Unit Greece and Cyprus empowering and developing our Field Service and Workshop teams and operations. It’s important that everything I do here is in line with our organisation’s business strategies and action plans. It’s the way to ensure our team is contributing actively on achieving the service targets.”

Dimitris’ career being so extensive, there are several days to treasure. But for him, 22 December 2000 is the most memorable one. “That day I was commended by our local management for the achievement of successfully and timely completing the implementation of Quality Assurance System (ISO) regarding Field and Workshop activities. Even if the small ceremony came totally unexpected, it was a very special occasion for me and inspired me to continue pursuing even higher professional targets.”

There is also another unforgettable badge which Dimitris received during his first visit in Vaasa, Finland back in 1993. “For a Greek like me, it was an icy experience to go through the tasks needed for my certificate as a Wärtsilä Sauna member. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Empowerment to increase competence

Throughout the various roles and experiences, Dimitris has been enjoying most the opportunity Wärtsilians have to participate in the development of shipping and energy industries. “Getting involved makes you feel constantly alerted for any new opportunity there is to catch,” Dimitris describes.

One such development opportunity took place in 2005-2012, when he got to act as a local Project Manager for new power plant deliveries. “For the projects, we in Greece fully undertook the installation and delivery of 16 new generator units. That gave me an opportunity to further develop my experience and knowledge in this business. Furthermore, after the projects, I felt more competent to undertake similar tasks in the marine side, and more specifically in re-engining and re-powering projects.”

Besides development, Dimitris enjoys the good cooperation within his team. This collaboration often results in positive outcomes that further fuels Dimitri’s energy levels and motivation. I believe some of my characteristics are contributing to this harmonic cooperation in our team: I’m patient, organised, accurate and pay attention to detail while respecting fellow human beings. With these attributes, I support the team to overcome any difficult situation that may occur.”

And if there are any puzzles in Dimitris mind after the working hours, he has a solution that can be recommended to anyone: “To clear my head, I take a nice and calm walk.”

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