Cindy Liu

Senior Account Manager

Taipei, Taiwan

15 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Taiwan


For the love of the ocean

Cindy Liu has worked with Wärtsilä for the past 15 years, and during her time here, she has witnessed first-hand, how the company’s transformation into a marine and technology company has added value for its customers. Read on to know more.

Senior Account Manager, Cindy Liu, describes her philosophy succinctly: “Successful selling with value added. See the problem and fix the problem with the right attitude.”

Cindy leads a multicultural team whose job is to understand and satisfy major customers. She has worked with Wärtsilä in Taipei since the spring of 2004.

“My background is in shipping management,” says Cindy. “Since I joined Wärtsilä one year after graduation I became more involved in marine technical business sales. It is a great career experience to deal with marine engineering and the marine business.”

Satisfying a behemoth

One of her biggest accomplishments was a major deal with one of the world’s largest shipping companies.

In 2020, the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Marpol regulations will cap sulphur emissions at 0.5 per cent. Maritime agents must decrease emissions and utilise new innovations, which brought the customer to Wärtsilä.

“The customer decided their strategy was to maintain the benefit of lower cost 3.5 per cent heavy fuel oil and to install scrubbers decreasing the level of sulphur oxides (SOx) for their own and chartered vessels,” says Cindy. “They placed an order with Wärtsilä for 8500 TEU container fleet with 65MW open loop Q-SOx scrubber retrofit, which was the biggest scrubber ever in the world.”

A huge team with one goal

The open loop scrubber system utilises the natural alkalinity in seawater. It sounds simple, but this was no simple deal.

“Our technical value by using one combined scrubber, which is cost efficient in both capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX) terms, together with strong support from electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive, won over against the fierce competition for this prestigious and important project,” says Cindy.

“Our highly professional Audit Services team added significantly to our success by adding value in the form of well-thought through installation options and layouts for the client,” she adds.

Peering into the future

The scrubber deal was just one of Cindy’s many accomplishments in her long career with Wärtsilä. She joined as a Sales Coordinator in 2004, became an Account Manager working in Wärtsilä Online Services and eventually became a Senior Account Manager in 2015. Over the past fifteen years, Cindy has seen a lot of changes within the company.

“In 2004–2008, Wärtsilä was an engine company,” Cindy says. “Now after many years and acquisitions, Wärtsilä is a smart marine and energy technology company.”

This, she says, is a beneficial change and has led to Wärtsilä providing significant value to its customers. Cindy points to cleaner fuel solutions as some of Wärtsilä’s major innovations, including renewable energy as fuel, hybrid solutions and  liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel.

She sees Wärtsilä continuing to evolve as a marine and technology company. Over the next fifteen years, Cindy believes Wärtsilä will be a technology company leading the industry.

“I’m in frontline sales, and I can see the ways in which our solutions will interest our customers in the future. Which is why we are building value and a strong technical position right from the start,” she says.

“The excitement caused by being at the forefront, plus the fact that I love ships and I love the ocean is why I enjoy my work in the marine business,” she concludes.

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