Christopher Gull

Electronic Designer


1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Hong Kong


When one sort of expertise is not enough

Being a newbie in a company can be a positive thing, knows Wärtsilä’s Electronic Designer, Christopher Gull who joined Wärtsilä less than a year ago. “I simply have to unlearn fewer things, easing my contributions towards agile,” he says.

Christopher seems to be an ever-rolling stone. Working as an electronic engineer and a computer scientist, he gets to design hardware. However, mastering one skill is not enough, and Christopher has also other projects ongoing: “In today's world, I believe it isn't enough being an expert in a specific field. Thus I have also been involved in Scrum work and development in Wärtsilä's first ever Agile train.”

This eagerness to experience new things is visible also in Christopher’s multicultural background : he has been living in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Brazil, Finland... – you name it. Consequently, he speaks more than five languages and benefits from his cultural understanding both at work and in his free time. For Wärtsilä’s 185th anniversary in April, Christopher wanted to make his own congratulations video and put his language skills to good use! (check it out on Instagram).

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