Caron Kennett

Manager, Human Resources

Fareham, Hampshire, UK

10 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from United Kingdom



A facelift in the Human Resources department

For Caron Kennett, Human Resources Manager in the United Kingdom, every day at Wärtsilä is like a school day. “Working is like going to school, I’m learning something new about a colleague, about our way of working – you name it,” she tells. Caron is convinced that it is this continuous learning – strive for operational excellence – in all parts of the organisation as well as the energy and drive of the employees that has kept Wärtsilä vital for so many years.

Caron herself has been enabling some of these organisational learnings. ” I find the most significant development of my tenure at Wärtsilä has been the transition from a process driven HR function to one that partners the business when it comes to our people. Enhancing the capability of our managers, acting as an employee champion and as a change agent." Caron describes.

Even after 10 years with Wärtsilä, Caron is still eager to continue her growing with the company. “I am very excited about digitalisation and our Smart Marine initiatives, and how I can apply this in my every day working."

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