Carita Toikka

Manager, Product Marketing

Helsinki, Finland

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Marketeer with a big heart 

It might have been the darkest season of the year in Finland when Carita Toikka joined Wärtsilä, but for her, the new job opportunity provided quite some glimmer of light in the middle of winter. “From day one I felt welcome, respected and the excitement of working with highly talented colleagues,” Carita recalls. “Not long after I joined, I remember a moment when my boss told me ‘The whole team wishes you to succeed and is ready to help you’. To know I had the full support from my team and my superior, gave me energy to go the extra mile in my tasks and develop a wide network of contacts in the company.”

During her time with Wärtsilä, Carita’s responsibilities have ranged from commercialisation and solution launches to leading strategic marketing theme campaigns and more. Still, in all her endeavours, demystifying the customer value has been close to her heart. “The aim of our Clean Environment- campaign was to help our marine customers to make their businesses more environmentally friendly in a way that also makes economic sense.”

In the beginning of this year, Carita moved into a new role and is now the Product Marketing Manager for Wärtsilä’s Asset Management Services, serving both energy and marine customers globally. “In my current role I have lots of different counterparts. On a daily basis, I work with people from Product Management, Sales and Marketing teams located around the world,” Carita shares with enthusiasm. “Actually, this is also one of the most inspiring aspects of Wärtsilä; we get to work with and meet dedicated colleagues who represent various nationalities – I have already met so many friendly, talented colleagues!”

And what has Carita learnt from these colleagues? “My time at Wärtsilä has taught me how successful teams work. When the people are dedicated and feel positively enabled, teams with members from varying backgrounds can achieve great results,” Carita tells having one example case up in her sleeves.

“Recently, I had the pleasure to lead a multi-disciplinary team as we upgraded our offering catalogue. The catalogue is an internal tool designed to make our sales people’s lives easier; sales colleagues can increase their knowledge on our offering and efficiently find suitable solutions for customers. It was delightful, how carefully the multi-functional team thought through the development work and process. And we had a service designer involved to make the upgraded catalogue as user friendly as possible. Now as the work is ready, it has been rewarding to see the outcome and receive encouraging user feedback.”

The pace of work and changes at Wärtsilä can be quite intense. Actively seeking balance in her free time has helped Carita to find the right focus at work. “I enjoy sports such as horseback riding and taking long nature walks with my dogs. And of course, just relax spending time with my family.”

Carita is also confident that the tangible changes are prerequisites for Wärtsilä’s future success. “I’m sure these steps of transformation are needed for us to fully deliver on our important promise: support societies and their sustainability with smart technology. And in these times, it is valuable to have our smart marine and energy visions in place, inspiring and helping us to navigate in the company and industry changes,” Carita ponders.

According to Carita, Wärtsilä is the company that is currently leading the exciting and rapid industry transformation. And there is no doubt if Carita is doing her bit to help the company in this journey.

“Right from the start, I have really put my heart into the work to highlight and communicate how Wärtsilä's services and solutions benefit our customers,” Carita says genuinely. “The company’s position as the industry leader, will surely strengthen opening up new opportunities for us employees to grow and develop one's skills even further. It feels rewarding to work for bigger goals that benefit us all – even societies as a whole.”

And anyone who encounters with Carita’s work cannot neglect the fact; she is truly working with a big heart.

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