Banu Kannu

General Manager, Marketing and Communications

Shanghai, China

6 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Singapore


Marine and work-life balance enthusiast

Banu Kannu, General Manager - Marketing, has been working for the Marine Business since day one – from when it was still known as Ship Power. Her six-plus years in Wärtsilä have certainly been interesting, where good colleagues and camaraderie have made it very special. “Every day is different; great colleagues have supported me and made the difference”, Banu emphasises.

According to Banu, her greatest contribution at Wärtsilä so far has been bringing an outside-in perspective to her work, since she came from the maritime media business before joining the company. “My previous experience in the maritime industry has helped me for instance when organising B-to-B events such as the first Gas Fest in 2017, and the second one this year, where we experimented with a totally new model of engaging with our customers and stakeholders. Hearing the overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants proved that we are onto something special.”, she adds.

People and colleagues provide energy and perspective to Banu, “It’s amazing to see how colleagues in marketing, sales, engineering and R&D are so supportive and able to maintain their trust even with ‘crazy’ ideas. I think that has been really rewarding, especially because in Marine marketing we need to try out many different approaches, where some work and some don’t.”

Banu continues that she believes hiring and keeping the right people in the company is one of the key strategies that Wärtsilä should continue to follow. “ People in Wärtsilä are always willing to help and support each other – and I hope that will never change. The loyalty in Wärtsilä is amazing. During my first day at work, I met a Wärtsilian who had worked for Wärtsilä since the day I was born!”, Banu laughs.

In addition to constantly exploring new ways of marketing in the maritime field, Banu is also a big believer in work-life balance. She practices Muay Thai (Thai kick-boxing) a couple of times a week, enjoys the beach in her adopted hometown of Perth, Australia, the great outdoors and fresh air (which can be scarce in Shanghai where she lives). She’s also partial to good books with a nice glass of wine and a tasty BBQ cooked by her German partner.

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