Ayman Al Hajar

Senior Sales Account Manager, Services Sales, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

6 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Saudi Arabia


Closing deals with a determined attitude

Passion for new challenges brought Ayman Alhajar to Wärtsilä. As a Senior Account Manager in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Ayman enjoys balancing in the changing market situation. “I’m responsible for growing Wärtsilä’s service business in the region and during the current market situation, it is ever harder to grow the market share. However, I think this is exactly the spice to my work and makes the job very interesting – each day has its different ambitious targets!”

One such case that describes the satisfaction of making a deal in a tight place, under huge pressure and high rewards, happened just recently. In this power plant project, Ayman and his team had been developing a deal for two years and negotiating it with the customer for half a year. After long negotiations, their job was finally rewarded in 2016 and the power plant was delivered in 2019. “The challenge in these long-term negotiations was that the customer was determined to close the deal with our competitor who was aggressively trying to win the deal. However, this time our calm and convincing tone of action in addition to good preparation with multiple back-up plans impressed the customer and eventually awarded us with the project. As a matter of fact, the project has grown into one of the most successful ones we have had,” Ayman proudly introduces the case.

Another example of a challenging, yet extremely rewarding, job was when Ayman’s team convinced representatives of another organisation to renew their opinions about rental power. Ayman’s expert team wanted to indicate the value Wärtsilä’s solutions could bring to this potential customer. After extensive pre-work, the effort paid off; currently, the customer is happily using Wärtsilä’s services – and as Ayman says, Wärtsilä is one of their favourite partners.

“In these kinds of negotiations, it is important to have a strong follow-up and excellent communications skills to make the customer value easily understandable and quantified. I think these skills have been a great asset and supported my daily activities in terms of closing deals and increasing the company’s footprint,” Ayman tells and continues to talk about portfolio development. “I think Wärtsilä has realised the importance of and need for green energy. Solar power, battery storage, hybrid solutions and other green solutions are great steps forward as they match with the market needs and support my work in growing Wärtsilä Energy Business in Saudi Arabia,” he says.

“In five years’ time, I can see myself growing with the market and with the projects. The more innovative projects I close, the more I learn. New opportunities keep me energised as I am eager to learn new things. I’m glad my line manager is giving me the space to grow but at the same time he supports me with my ideas,” Ayman sums up.

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