Asim Mehmood

Business Controller, West & Central Africa, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Dakar, Senegal

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Pakistan


Everyday opportunities keep marching on the path of success

Asim Mehmood, Business Controller of West and Central Africa, has worked for Wärtsilä in two tenures, starting from Pakistan 12 years ago. After few years’ experience outside Wärtsilä, he decided to come back to the company where he felt the organisation was taking care of its own people. Since he returned, Asim’s Wärtsilä path took him from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to Nigeria, and thereafter to Senegal in his current position as Business Controller.

Asim has enjoyed the multiple possibilities Wärtsilä has offered.” Having opportunities is one thing which I appreciate in Wärtsilä. Challenges and opportunities are what every professional always looks forward to and I am fortunate to get the chance to work in different roles with different people and cultures at different places,” he says.

He has contributed greatly to developing the processes in the Nigerian office, such as improving the speed of audits, support the team in legal matters, and the office relocation. “Since February 2018, I’ve been carrying the additional responsibility of Services Unit Director during the absence of our permanent director,” Asim adds. And by the looks of things, he has been doing excellent work in this respect by delivering according to expectations, thanks to the support from rest of the Management Team.

It is easy to see that Asim loves exceeding himself, as he says, “I am a person who has always loved to work in new and unfamiliar situations. The opportunities and interesting tasks have kept me in the company. A new task motivates me to gather my energy and keep marching on the path of success.” In addition, the empowering atmosphere in the team supports his daily work, for which Asim adds, “The West Africa team exceeds its goals with its humour. Even in tense discussion, someone from the team might crack a joke, which makes the situation lighter.”

According to Asim, Wärtsilä has a great ability to enable people to deliver. This is something he has witnessed while working in different teams during the past 10 years. “Working in Wärtsilä is a continuous self-development journey, particularly during the past few years when the company has speeded up our march on the digital path.” He sees the future as promising and motivating, with more challenging opportunities coming through via the current digital and 100% renewable energy drives.

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