Arif Wibawa

Senior Expert, Wärtsilä Operations and Technical Support, Jakarta Contract Centre

Jakarta, Indonesia

17 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Indonesia


Always trying more

Arif Wibawa, Wärtsilä Operations and Technical Support Expert at Jakarta Contract Centre, started his career with Wärtsilä already 17 years ago as a Field Service Engineer. During the past years, Arif has held various managerial positions at power plants but decided to apply to his current expert role as he values continuous learning, and the position offered completely new responsibilities and networks. “I have had many amazing experiences and memories with Wärtsilä. Innovation, excitement and excellence have really paved my journey. I have enjoyed especially working with the people around me,” Arif tells about his career path through various positions.

Trying out different things has been made easy at Wärtsilä, where people are encouraged to take action and develop their’s careers. This is something Arif sees as a very motivating factor and he appreciates all the growth opportunities he has been granted. “Having these career opportunities motivates me to fearlessly try out new tasks and responsibilities which also develops my skills further. In general, I think one of Wärtsilä’s strengths lies in its flexibility and adaptability,” he says.

“Besides the opportunities for personal growth, the company trusts you and supports your personal development. One of the most interesting, yet challenging, tasks I’ve faced was the time when I got to create a totally new multi-skilled team. That was an interesting task teaching me a lot about different people and successful team-building,” Arif shares his thoughts about how the empowerment has been visible in his own career.

In Arif’s opinion, it is very smart from a company to support its employees when they’re interested in developing their skills – especially with regards to the future. “When people are encouraged to train and learn more, it is easier to meet the customer requirements and business challenges of the future,” Arif opens up his experiences. Arif feels that Wärtsilä hasn’t only been supporting the employees’ learning but on top of that, Wärtsilians have together explored the opportunities in digitalisation.

“Personally, I think Wärtsilä is always ahead of competitors and exceeding customers’ expectations. I think in the near future Wärtsilä is still leading the industry with advanced technologies and I’m more than happy to support this as my strengths are especially in adaptability and flexibility when it comes to learning new technologies and making the most out of them.”

Arif needs flexibility also in another context as in his free time, he is very much into sports. “In order to get rid of some of the steam after a hard workday, I enjoy doing different sports activities. Especially if I can do the exercise with my family,” he says.

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