Archana Bhatnagar

Director, Sales & Project Development, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Delhi, India

24 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from India


A versatile woman of worth

In the last 25 years, Archana Bhatnagar has grown alongside Wärtsilä. From her start as a newbie to now being a seasoned professional, Archana’s journey bears all the hallmarks of a fulfilling career with excellent work-life balance. This is her story.

“When the opportunity to join Wärtsilä came up in 1994, I didn't know a lot about the company. From handling finance in a magazine publishing house to joining an engineering company was quite a change! But I knew one thing for sure, that for the same amount of business you need to sell much smaller volumes, so much fewer accounting headaches! This was a big motivator for me to apply,” Archana Bhatnagar admits, recalling her first days at the company. “But I quickly realised the complexities of large projects,” she adds laughing.

However, with all its complexities, Archana and Wärtsilä continue to grow together. Today, as the Director of Sales and Project Development in Wärtsilä Energy Business, Archana leads the team in India.

“The first months were truly exciting, giving me fresh perspectives on the inclusive office culture and a vibrant work environment that motivated one to always outperform,” she says.

But how does one find new challenges and motivation to go on for so many years? According to Archana, it’s the culture of trust that Wärtsilä places on its employees. The open-door policy, collaborative working and easy access to the leaders are some of the factors that make working at the company a truly rewarding experience.

It is this culture, she says, that brings out the best in people, helping them contribute to the organisational success wholeheartedly.


Truly multi-talented

From Accounting to Business Control, then to Wärtsilä Development and Financial Services (WDFS) and finally to leading Sales for India, Archana has consistently taken up different roles within the organisation. But ask her which has been her most memorable day so far and she doesn’t hesitate.

“The day I was formally taken on for the WDFS team,” she says vividly recalling how she had wanted to become a developer and was, in turn, offered the same. This occasion reinforced her belief that the company proactively recognises talent and rewards employees with career development opportunities.

This is also why Archana is hesitant to name any single person as being the one who supports her with work and tasks. “I am a strong believer in multi-functional teams and I draw energy from such interactions. I would not hesitate to call this my support system for being successful.”


Unwavering commitment

Her willingness to accept new challenges with utmost dedication, she feels, is the net result of such a cohesive work environment. One such challenge was a development project wherein Archana with her team implemented a new concept of group captive power plants in which multiple end users were attached to a single plant. Together with the development partners, Archana’s team pushed boundaries to look at all aspects of power, from generation to delivery at the consumer boundary, while maintaining high reliability at the plant. The project was not only handled successfully but also replicated.

This, according to Archana, also highlights Wärtsilä’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. She states that the customer is at the core of everything the company does – whether it is adopting new technologies, taking on new businesses, or even the very recent organisational realignment.

“Wärtsilä has always been agile in its strategies and in aligning to the market,” says Archana referring to the company’s efforts towards building a future that is based on 100% renewable energy. “This is how we innovate and make our technology relevant for the future. Wärtsilä is very well placed in the global scenario with its flexible power generation portfolio,” she adds.

When not negotiating new deals, Archana loves to spend her spare time with her family. “Though the children have grown up, my husband and I bond with them over movies and theatre,” she says adding that weekends are reserved for cooking. “After the working week, cooking satisfies my creative urges,” she quips.

And come every Monday, Archana is back in the office ready to take on new challenges, doing her part in steering the organisation towards its goals.

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