Antti Räty

Power System Analyst, Business Development, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Helsinki, Finland

1 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Finland


Smallest details can make a difference

Before joining Wärtsilä, Antti Räty was making a career in the Nordic power market – gaining expertise and experience that he mostly thought would be useful only in that specific market. However, since joining Wärtsilä in 2018, his knowledge of the markets has proven very useful in several projects. Also, other surprises came along with Wärtsilä; never would have Antti guessed that already during his first year in the company, he was to write a book.

“We formed a small team to write a book about the wind power in the Finnish power market, called ‘Puhallus’. I think being part of a book writing process was a new experience for most of us, except one colleague who was then able to guide us through it. The tight schedule made sometimes working hectic, but we got it done!”

Antti works as a Power System Analyst in Wärtsilä Energy Business, a position where he is mostly focused on country level energy system modelling. With his team, Antti uses sophisticated tools to understand how power systems around the world function currently – and how each country should reorganise their power systems for the future. “We analyse how the power systems should be developed to be cost-efficient, reliable and of course ready for the transition to rely 100% on the renewable energy sources. The change to renewable energy does not happen overnight, and our models – spanning sometimes over several decades – demonstrate a feasible way to reach that target,” Antti explains.

The goal for Antti and the entire system modelling team is to understand the situation and needs of each customer thoroughly. And ultimately of course to create new business for Wärtsilä. “Each power system is unique, but most often we find that the flexible technologies offered by Wärtsilä enable the adaptation of more renewable energy sources. This is at the same time the cheapest way to produce energy in many places around the globe,” Antti continues.

As system modelling is all about understanding how the customer can gain value with Wärtsilä solutions, it is good that Antti’s interest in details supports his work: “I enjoy figuring out how machines or systems work, and how the smallest details can make a huge difference in the big picture.”

In the office, Antti spends a lot of time with the people who started working at Wärtsilä on the same day with him. “We often have good laughs and keep the atmosphere light in the office,” he tells. At the same time, he enjoys the opportunity to meet new, exciting people through the international networks.

Besides people, Antti enjoys the teamwork towards the renewable energy future. “I have spent only 10 months at Wärtsilä. However, the vision of a 100% renewable energy future has been communicated very actively during this period, and I think people have really taken it more seriously and started working towards it.”

A renewable energy future is the target, but nobody knows for certain how the future will look like. Antti enjoys the role the company – and himself – has in this respect. “I think our company is actively looking into the future and trying to understand what the world will look like. We are adjusting our portfolio and optimising existing products and services to be ready for the transition towards that world. In my mind, Wärtsilä will keep growing into a crucial system integrator role, making the world adapt to renewable energy sources.”

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