Aine Anjos

Branch & Contract Manager, Brazil, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Manaus, Brazil

17 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Brazil


All of Brazil

When you openly let the boss know about your career aspirations, it might happen that he or she actually points you to a professional path you’ve been searching for. This happened to Aine Anjos 17 years ago when he wanted to switch to an onshore job from the offshore duties he was at that time conducting on-board a container ship. After seeing Aine’s capabilities and hearing about his career plans, the director of the shipping company recommended Aine to apply for a position at Wärtsilä.

That job application sparked a series of events that Aine wouldn’t have guessed. Aine’s wish to work onshore got fulfilled, but in addition to that his career development at Wärtsilä took him to various places within Brazil.

“When I was hired as a Shift Supervisor in 2002, it was for a new Wärtsilä power plant project, UTE Petrolina in the Northeast Brazil – the new career step and move were nice also in that sense as I got married and my first child was born. Four years later, I was transferred to the Manaus – North region, where Wärtsilä was finalising the construction of three new power plants: Manauara, Ponta Negra and Cristiano Rocha, and in 2007, I was promoted to a Plant Manager at Manauara,” Aine tells about the career moves within his first Wärtsilä years. The time in Manaus was also when the family’s youngest got born.

“Few years passed by, and then in 2010 I got transferred to another new power plant, Maracanaú in Fortaleza where I got promoted as a Contract Manager in 2015. With the termination of agreements one year later, I went to work in Pernambuco, then Macaé and returning to Manaus in early 2017. I’ve been staying here ever since and intend to stay here until the next opportunity appears,” Aine sums up his journey so far.

Aine’s Wärtsilä path builds up a fascinating career as he got to know places and different cultures when moving around Brazil for 17 years. Where most of Aine’s career moves have been pleasant and choices he has made himself, there is one year that was a bit harder. “It was the year 2016 when the times were tougher business-wise due to the overall economic situation in Brazil. During that time, we moved three times with my family within just one year. Luckily, it all got sorted out, but the year truly made me learn a lot and to reinvent the professional me,” Aine shares openly.

While Aine talks this genuinely about the journey of his family, he pinpoints the characteristics that are his strengths also at work. “Being a simple person, knowing how to listen and respect everyone’s opinion makes me a better person. I‘d say being fair and transparent with my team and my clients makes the work environment enjoyable for everyone,“ Aine concludes.

Read. Understand. Manage.

Even if Aine’s major learnings have happened on-the-go while working in various places with highly qualified people who have helped him a lot to grow professionally, Aine sees that also training courses have helped him to take some personal leaps. “One important course for me was Wärtsilä’s internal Contract Manager course where I learned the meaning of the term R.U.M – Reading, Understanding and Managing the contracts,” he says.

When talking about Wärtsilä’s future, Aine sees that keeping up with changes in the world is not an easy mission. “Wärtsilä is constantly looking for technological solutions that meet this demand,” he says but doesn’t even begin the guessing game on what Wärtsilä will be delivering to customers within few years. Still, Aine names one thing that is certain. “For sure, Wärtsilä will be innovating and keeping up with future market demands. The renewable energy sources are the future to be explored.” And in that exploration, the good customer relationships and energy expertise of people like Aine will also be needed.

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