Ahmed Adebakin

Field Service Technician, Electrical & Automation, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Lagos, Nigeria

8 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Nigeria


Energy, Excellence and Excitement

Meet Ahmed Adebakin, an innovator from Lagos, Nigeria. During his eight years at Wärtsilä, he has worked as an Electrical Operator, a Plant Electrical Technician and a Field Service Technician – the latter also being his current position.

Within his career, Ahmed has learnt the value of having bumps on the road every now and then. “Without challenges there would be no growth and innovations could not evolve – hence, achieving our sustainable development goals would also be rather impossible.”

“The world has enough talkers, we are doers” is Ahmed’s favourite slogan about Wärtsilians. “Wärtsilä makes the future today by keeping up with the latest technological advancements, especially when it comes to international regulations, and aligns these very quickly with existing ones and with our offering.”

‘Energy, Excellence and Excitement’ are Wärtsilä’s values which Ahmed can strongly relate to. “Wärtsilä is not just concerned about profits nor leading in business at the expense of sustainable societies. Instead, we are concerned with the continued existence of mankind, the environment, aquatic life at sea and the atmosphere that supports life.”

“With this pace and technological advancement, I believe Wärtsilä will take the lead and be a hub of disruptive innovations in everything that concerns the Marine and Energy markets,” Ahmed estimates. “I see myself being responsible for at least one patentable innovation, either just a business idea or a technological concept, that will support Wärtsilä’s purpose and sustainable societies of the future.”

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