Giulio Tirelli

Director, Sales and Business Intelligence

Trieste, Italy

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Italy


Agility and long-term stamina

Giulio Tirelli’s boyhood love affair with ships has led to a highly successful career at Wärtsilä. As one of the company’s youngest directors, Giulio has played an inspirational role steering Wärtsilä’s high-tech transformation in marine engineering.

After studying naval architecture in Italy and Spain, he completed a Wärtsilä Internship as a Vibration Engineer in Italy. He then joined the LNG (liquefied natural gas) Carriers team in Turku, Finland. Currently, he works as the Director of Marine Power Solutions Sales and Business Intelligence at Wärtsilä Marine Business in Italy. In his work, he is focusing on shifting Wärtsilä onto the next level in technology development, with the help of newly launched hybrid power module, the HY.

Giulio is inspired by the chance to interact with Wärtsilä’s customers, and he finds this interaction the most stimulating and highest learning experience he can receive. "In the future the marine industry is looking for something more than just focusing on engines, propellers or single components. We need to think about alternative power sources and technologies in a wider ecosystem. Wärtsilä is in a unique position. Our company owns knowledge that can change the whole future of marine engineering. I’m personally very excited to be part of Wärtsilä’s hybrid adventure,” Giulio emphasises.

As a former Italian champion in Olympic kayaking, Giulio has a truly winning mindset that carries over into the corporate boardroom.
“A 5000 m kayaking race lasts about 20 minutes, so you need the right mix of sprinting speed combined with endurance capability,” he explains. The same combination of agility and long-term stamina is indispensable in his mission of driving Wärtsilä towards hybrid solutions in the marine sector.

Giulio sees that Wärtsilä has a lot of potential to develop further and to grow even stronger, and according to him, it can be achieved by shifting the attention to the people, representing the spine and brain of the company as well as the international environment where it is playing, and by recognising that diversity is a value.

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