Adip Asmuni

Electrical Supervisor, Operations and Maintenance, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Jayapura, Indonesia

12 years at Wärtsilä

Originally from Indonesia


‘Always read the manual’

Huge engines and technological development of Wärtsilä attracted Adip Asmuni when he was looking for new future career possibilities. “Compared to other engines I had operated, Wärtsilä engines were more powerful and their control automation technology was very advanced. Therefore, Wärtsilä’s engines were the obvious choice for me,” Adip clarifies.

Now, Adip works in Wärtsilä’s Operations and Maintenance function, keeping customer’s power plant running in Jayapura, Indonesia. “It is sometimes hard work to keep the engine operating on a level agreed with our customer and keeping up the plant reliability. But with good teamwork and support from all Wärtsilä teams and departments at the site, we have always been able to maintain the quality of our operations and solve the problems we’ve faced on our way,” Adip says about his work at the power plant.

Because of the hectic work at the plant, it is important that you have a good supportive team but it is also important to keep learning. “Our team actually keeps repeating a very famous quote that all engineers know: ‘Always read the manual’ – It helps when everyone in the team knows the engines very well,” Adip tells cheerfully.

In addition, it is often easier to find solutions to the occurring challenges and come up with new innovations together rather than when working individually, “I try to keep my mind open for the new information and help my colleagues whenever they need support. The problems we work with usually occur suddenly due to changed conditions in the plant or our equipment, and we solve these situations cooperating with various teams. I think that the importance of teamwork is especially seen in the problem-solving and I am happy that here in Wärtsilä, we are always open for improvement and innovation – especially our line managers encourage us to bravely suggest new ideas.”

Adip stresses that the team is present not only in tough situations but in everyday life,“In general, I appreciate the atmosphere – ‘Wärtsilä’s comradeship’. I feel like as if I was working together with one big family who is sharing the coffee moment every day. Here in Operations and Maintenance team we are colleagues in different levels and positions, but also close friends.”

As Adip said, one of the main challenges in running a power plant has been to keep up with the timings. That challenged Adip and his team, especially when the power plant in Jayapura was established. “Everybody in the commissioning team felt the high expectations to get the engine to run properly and in due time. And finally we succeeded! We got everything done and were able to start the engine as planned – making our customer very satisfied. This was one of the big moments that I will always remember.”

As in this commissioning case, teams at the power plant were working extra hard since the situation demanded so, and Adips feels that the meaning of people and their spirit will increase in the future – even if the technological development continues at a fast pace. “In the upcoming years, people will be in a more important role. To keep up with the innovation, it’s crucial we are supporting the people making the future. Even though, Wärtsilä Energy Business is doing well in Indonesia and there are new power plants established with Wärtsilä engines, it is important to keep up innovating new solutions and technologies – gradually moving towards renewable energy sources. I see myself growing within the success here in Wärtsilä and especially in Indonesia where the market is growing.”

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