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Wärtsilä celebrates 185 years

Wärtsilä was founded in 1834 and has its origins in a sawmill and ironworks. Nearly 2 centuries later, the company has grown from strength to strength, to become the leader in smart technologies for the marine and energy markets.

From designing the world’s most efficient engine, the Wärtsilä 31, to testing out exotic technologies which enable the remote control of ships from thousands of miles away, to cementing its commitment to sustainability by pursuing a 100% renewable future, we are a trendsetter for the industry.

As we turn 185 in 2019, we first take you through the events that have helped us get to this stage, and then through the year, we will honour those remarkable Wärtsilians whose efforts, both big and small, have made Wärtsilä what it is today.

On this page, we will showcase the very interesting stories of some of our finest people. This includes visionaries who help steer the company, innovators who come up with our brilliant solutions, ambassadors who spread the good word about the company and last, but not the least, our everyday heroes who make sure day-to-day activities run smoothly.

What you are about to see is, and will continue to be, the reason for our success. Exceptionally talented people who we are proud to call Wärtsilians.

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