Digital Transformation
Our journey towards
a smart technology company


Wärtsilä is on a journey to become a digitally enabled, data-driven, insights-led company that utilizes cutting edge technology. Our industries are changing rapidly, and we're already creating value for our customers by harnessing the powers of big data, artificial intelligence & machine learning, robotic process automation and virtual reality while looking out for the cyber security of all our solutions.

Since 1834, Wärtsilä has been known for innovations and renewal. New game-changing ideas and continuous improvement are part of our DNA. Working together, creating new forms of partnering and co-creation are the drivers for open innovation. Wärtsilä’s purpose ‘enabling sustainable societies with smart technologies’ drives everything we do.

Digital Transformation is not about adopting technology just for its own sake - it's about driving
business value to customers at pace. We have re-wired the Wärtsilä organisation and focused
on our people. By creating an empowered and collaborative culture we accelerate their
personal transformation. It is the people that drive the change.



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Wärtsilä is transforming into a smart technology company that is customer-centric, data driven, collaborative and innovative. We are exploring new digital business models and innovations together with our partners. We develop new services, solutions and products through a digital first, insights-led mind-set that is all about open innovation and ensuring that everything begins with understanding the customer needs.

Cyber security is one of our core competences. In our products, our operations, our thought leadership and our strategy. We are on a mission to digitize our current business through more integrated solutions, robotics, smart manufacturing, integrated supply chain, technology road maps, less manual interventions, and new streamlined processes.

People are the engine of our transformation. Every day, our people put their hearts and minds to turning smart Marine and Energy visions and strategies into tangible results, and delivering customer-value.




Bootstrapping is a term borrowed from the world of start-ups describing the first phase of starting a business. It is based on setting up, testing, making a few mistakes and succeeding, refining ideas and getting the right team, processes and plans in place to then have a killer product.



The second phase of our digital transformation was known as the acceleration phase. It is about focusing on executing our digital strategy, delivering tangible outcomes as well as enabling and supporting our business and keeping on driving value at pace.



We are now in the sustain phase of our transformation, realising our vision of Wärtsilä as a smart technology company. Our ambition is to become a digitally enabled, data-driven, and insights led as-a-Service company that utilizes cutting edge technology.


We operate in a world of ecosystems where we have to be able to partner and share elements of digital progress: when we share data, we co-create the future and this collaboration truly realizes the potential of digital transformation.

Open Innovation is about taking an “ecosystem thinking” approach to innovation, by collaborating with partners, for example customers, suppliers, regulators, start-ups, universities to name a few. It also means that every Wärtsilian can play a role in innovation, whether in the ideation or implementation phase.

Wärtsilä-wide collaborative innovation platform SPARK collects ideas in a transparent and efficient way and gives all employees the opportunity to be a part of the transparent ideation process. Everyone can contribute to the ideas by commenting and voting even without an idea of their own.

Wärtsilä is building the Smart Technology Hub, a new centre of research, product development and production, in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa. The Smart Technology Hub is the latest tangible step in Wärtsilä's vision of smart shipping and a smart energy sector and it will invite other operators in the sectors and researchers to collaborate. The vision is to create a partners' campus where research and product development take place in tandem with Wärtsilä's customers and suppliers, start-ups in the sector and universities.

Venturing is a collaboration framework that acts as a bridge between Wärtsilä and innovative & distruptive startups. Our Venture Model enables us to engage with startups and growth companies into fruitful collaboration and discover new growth opportunities.

Wärtsilä’s commitment to transform not only within your organisation but also the maritime industry, is an inspiration for many. Wärtsilä's new digital acceleration centre setup in Singapore, building up new digital capabilities in autonomous vessel for greater navigational safety at ports, cybersecurity, start-ups and digitalisation are strong demonstrations of Wärtsilä's commitment.

Kenneth Lim
Chief technology Officer, Director
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore


The aspects of a smart technology culture
We are building a Smart Technology Culture that combines people, customer-centricity and collaboration and prepares our workforce for the future of Wärtsilä as a smart technology company. It's about a mind-set and ways of working combined with open innovation. We need to be able to quickly evaluate and embrace new technologies, understand technology and business holistically and to take risks in a smart, agile way.

The focus areas of our Smart Technology Culture are people, customers, creating together, fostering a smart tech mindset and open innovation. We empower and support our people on their digital transformation journey with the internal WeLeap transformation app. The content in this micro learning app keeps thousands of Wärtsilians relevant and up to date with the fast digital development.


WeLeap App, Wärtsilä's Transformation Companion accelerates our transformation towards a smart technology company.


As a 185 year old company representing a very traditional industrial field, Wärtsilä has been surprisingly flexible in its transformation to a modern provider of added customer value by utilizing digital solutions. It is a pleasure to partner with such an innovative company.

Ilkka Niemelä
Aalto University

Wärtsilä has changed the way they do digital to include Agile, DevOps and Design thinking. Together we've improved the speed at which Wärtsilä creates innovations and brings them to the benefit of their customers. It's great to see a new culture taking ahold at Wärtsilä.

Simon Short
Executive Vice President
Salesforce Global Customer Success


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