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Preventing the unexpected is our shared passion

Modern service thinking ensures reliable performance and operational accountability.

Guaranteed performance and risk management are identified as key needs of our customers. To make operations as productive and efficient as possible, it is essential to ensure that unexpected and changing situations don’t hinder performance. And by increasing the operational performance of a plant or vessel, added productivity and cost savings can be realised.

There is no substitute for quality, most especially when it comes to guaranteeing operational certainty through timely and effective service. Access to the highest quality of services, the leading technologies, and to experienced industry experts prevents the unexpected.

What are the biggest challenges in daily operations?
When the unexpected occurs – a sudden breakdown, a system malfunction, the need for a unscheduled overhaul – operations are put at risk. Therefore, maintaining reliable, continuous performance is essential. Operational certainty is a vital element in maintaining a succesfull business.

From co-operation to agreements. We can offer you an agreement that fits your company's needs. No two client companies are the same. Even if the constraints are the same for two different companies, the ways to eliminate the constraints are always different, depending on the requirements of the particular client company.

How to ensure operational reliability and reduce operational risk?
Every business faces various risks that can potentially threaten profitability, and even the company's viability. Understanding and managing risk is, therefore, essential. An unexpected interruption to normal operations is certainly one such risk that can jeopardise the company's well-being. Having a trusted service partner, always available, always reliable, wherever, whenever, helps reduce and manage that risk.

In order to make commitments and plan ahead, all machinery operations must be reliable. After all, in order for a company to be competitive, it must be bale to rely upon its operations.

How to optimize maintenance and repair costs?
The unexpected can be expensive. When time is critical and options are few, costs can rapidly climb. Preventive maintenance, through either service agreements or diagnostic technology that can warm of likely failures before they happen, is the best means of making costs predictable. At the same time, by having operations running at optimal levels, cost efficiencies can be found and maintained.

We can help you with this by becoming your partner:

  • A committed service partner is a total solutions provider that can offer full service from design and construction to lifecycle services for its customers. Customers benefit from having their entire installation fully serviced by one global supplier.
  • A committed service partner is a global services provider that serves global requirements on a local level.
  • A committed service partner’s lifecycle cost guarantees and performance guarantees give you economic benefits by reducing operating and capital expenditures. Performance guarantees lead to cost savings, reliable operations and less downtime.
  • A committed service partner provides OEM spare parts available to be dispatched at client’s needs. Specialized maintenance crews will complete the installation of parts wherever you are, onshore or offshore.
  • A committed service partner’s services should keep your installation environmentally fit. Ensure that your partner can offer long-term environmental solutions to meet the requirements that you face in your daily business. By operating and maintaining the installation in the most efficient manner, the environmental footprint can be reduced.