Wärtsilä's social targets

Target Schedule Status
To make Wärtsilä a workplace where all employees have the opportunity to show their best and develop their career – to build a company of equal opportunities. Continuous In 2015, 54% of open vacancies were filled through internal selections for job level 3 and up, and 46% through external selections. There were 3.0 average training days per employee.
To develop a new way of working in supplier relations, so as to safeguard Wärtsilä's commitment to sustainability. 2015 Periodical assessments for key suppliers are conducted based on the supplier assessment and development model. By the end of 2015, Wärtsilä had rated 688 of its key suppliers (1,126 in total), covering 96% of the total spent on Wärtsilä Supply Management supplies. Renewal of the Supplier Qualification Process begun in 2015.
Development discussion coverage 100%. Continuous Altogether, 92% of the company’s employees had completed development discussions by the end of 2015.
To implement certified EHS management systems in all subsidiaries (excluding purely sales offices). Continuous Wärtsilä currently has 49 certified ISO 14001 companies and 48 certified OHSAS 18001 companies. The management system coverage is presented in the management system section.
To reach the long-term goal of zero lost-time injuries. Continuous The positive trend in improving, consolidating, and spreading a safety culture within Wärtsilä continued. The corporate lost-time injury frequency rate target for the year 2015 was 3.0, and a result of 2.8 was achieved. This represents an 18% improvement compared to the previous year's result (3.5). ZeroMindset was introduced as a new programme to further strengthen Wärtsilä’s safety culture.
To ensure commitment to the Code of Conduct throughout the organisation. 2014 Training records are continuously monitored. At the end of 2015, 16,430 employees covering 87% of the total number of employees had successfully participated in training programmes.
To reinforce the Anti-corruption/ Broker training of key employee groups and obtain anti-corruption commitments from all key employees trained. 2014 Training records are continuously monitored. At the end of 2015, 14,877 employees (78%) had successfully participated in training programmes.
To conduct three community support projects by 2015. 2015 The target was reached in 2014 with three community projects.
To improve well-being at work and increase productivity by reducing sickness day costs. 2015 An analysis was conducted and action plans implemented in respective local companies. For example, Wärtsilä companies in Finland have a comprehensive programme supporting well-being and the ability to work.

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