UNIC C2 Engine control system for 4-stroke engines

The UNIC C2 is a durable, all-inclusive, automation system designed especially for the harsh environment in which engines operate.
The UNIC C2 provides an engine-mounted, local control panel that includes a display unit with the engine’s operating data, and an hour counter. With its in-built redundancy and durable mechanical and electrical design, the UNIC C2 system meets the highest reliability requirements.

    Technical info

    The main features include:

    • New hardware modules
    • New software architecture
    • Standardisation of connections
    • A single maintenance tool (WECSplorer)
    Wärtsilä 20, Wärtsilä 26, Wärtsilä 32, Wärtsilä 38, Wärtsilä 46, Wärtsilä 64, Wärtsilä Vasa 32, Sulzer Z40, Nohab engines, Deutz engines, GMT engines


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