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Lifecycle solutions for propulsion systems

No matter what kind of vessels or platforms a client operates, or where they are located, Wärtsilä can provide the parts, repairs, maintenance and modernization solutions to keep Wärtsilä and other makers propulsion systems running strong and efficiently.


Technical support

Proactive screening and analyzing of field feedback forms the basis for our technical support. Communicating this information to relevant stakeholders makes providing various advanced services possible, and also gives valuable information for initiating and facilitating product improvement and development. As part of our proactive technical service, we regularly share technical knowledge via service bulletins and other technical documentation.

Based on your situation and identified issues, we can provide

  • Q&A type of technical support
  • Technical and data analysis
  • Installation performance evaluations and measurements

We can also provide expert support in product development and improvement projects, and perform feasibility studies. On-site technical problem solving and deep technical investigations are also part of our technical support offering, as well as online troubleshooting.

Spare parts and Field services

Spare parts & Field Services

Wärtsilä is the leading service provider for propulsion systems. No matter what kind of vessels or platforms you operate, we serve you throughout the lifecycle of your installation, from the first discussions during the design phase, to the end of the vessel’s operational life.

We supply all OEM parts for Wärtsilä, LIPS and Wichmann propulsion systems as well as seals and bearings systems for all Wärtsilä brands including Cedervall, Japan Marine Technologies (JMT) and Deep Sea Seals (DSS).

Our Field Services team provides outstanding support at yards all over the world. We have our own specialized workshops in various locations, and also offer a full range of underwater repairs to decrease downtime and eliminate the need for dry-docking.

Upgrades and retrofits

Upgrades & retrofits

Older propulsion systems have usually been subjected to wear and tear, and spare parts might have become obsolete and scarce. A retrofit or upgrade of e.g. the remote control system and the mechanical parts of the propulsion system can help prevent unexpected maintenance and repair periods that increase operational costs.

Propulsion efficiency upgrades like propeller modification, new propeller design or installing energy saving devices like the EnergoProFin or the high efficiency nozzle brings major savings in fuel costs.

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